Alan Autry

Bio Summary

Full Name:  Carlos Alan Autry Birthdate: July 31, 1952
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA Sex: Male
Status: Married
Known for: His movie role in the television series Heat of the Night and his mayorship in California.Family:  Kimberlee Autry (Wife).

Alan Autry is an American politician. He also has an acting career and a short stint in the National Football League. He adopted the name Carlos Brown during his brief career as a footballer. He also starred in the police procedural drama series In the Heat of the Night, alongside Carroll O’Connor. In the film, he was cast as Captain Bubba Skinner. He ventured into politics in the year 2000. In November of that year, he won the mayorship election in Fresno town, California. He would later serve another term that expired in January 2009. From 2008 to 2011, Alan Autry was the host of oldies radio station KYNO AM.

Who Is Alan Autry?

Alan Autry spent his childhood in California. For the most part of his life as a youngster, he was a farmworker in the San Joaquin Valley. In high school, he was a talented footballer — a quarterback. He was a recipient of a college scholarship and joined the Green Bay Packers team based in Wisconsin. He is popular for his acting performance in the drama series In the Heat of the Night. Autry is a politician as he has served as a mayor in California for eight years (2000-2008). He is still involved in the world of acting and movie production.

Early Life

On July 31, 1952, Alan Autry was born in Louisiana to the family of Carl Brown Autry. Though his parents dissolved their marriage after a short while, his mother switched his name to Carlos Brown. Together with his mum, he moved to the city of Carlifornia to start afresh. His mother soon fell in love and wedded a migrant field worker. He was six years of age by this time. His new father was Joe Duty, and his job as a field worker means his family will constantly be on the move whenever it is harvest or planting season. Crops like cotton, apricots and grapes caught Joe’s interest. They finally settled in Riverdale, California because his father, Joe, found a permanent job as a tractor driver, meanwhile, Alan’s mum was a maid.

Football Career

As a talented footballer, Autry was a very famous quarterback on the football team in Riverdale High School, and he earned a University of the Pacific collegiate scholarship after completion of high school. The university is located in California. After university education, he harboured hopes of becoming a teacher, but in 1975, he was approached by the Wisconsin-based Green Bay Packers to become their backup quarterback. Although he was in the first team lineup in the 1976 season, he was dropped by the new coach Bart Starr. Abandoning a career in football, a friend persuaded him to consider a career as an actor and he met a film director, Robert Altman. He became convinced that acting is a great career for him. 

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Acting Career

Alan Autry was a member of the acting cast of the 1978 movie Remember My Name, directed and produced by Robert Altman. He later met and got wedded to Vicky Brown in 1980. The marriage resulted in the birth of his first daughter, Lauren. In Louisiana, Autry met and reconnected with his biological father, Carl Autry. In the matter of time, Alan Autry switched his last and first name to Alan and Autry respectively. 

Alan Autry appeared in a lot of television series in the 1980s. The popular television series he starred in include The A-Team, Newhart, Cheers and Dukes of Hazzard. He also fell into the trap of drug addiction and alcohol abuse, which was prevalent in Hollywood. Due to the fact that he remained without acting gig most of the time and was an alcoholic, marital conflict and travails became frequent in his home. He dissolved his marriage in 1986. He found Christ and was comforted by the Christain religion, this led to his realigning his life. Alan Autry was cast as Sergeant Skinner in the popular drama series In the Heat of the Night, alongside Carroll O’Connor. The series aired its final episode in 1995. 

Alan Autry met and married Kimberlee Green in 1994. Kimberlee Green already had a daughter from her first marriage. The couple created the production firm, Dirt Road Productions. The firm produced the 2000 film The Legend of Jake Kincaid. Alan Autry produced, directed and played a part in the movie together with his son and wife. 

Political Career

Alan Autry ventured into politics in 2000, as he won the Mayoral election for the city of Fresno, California. He was then a member of the Republican party. He was also victorious in his 2004 re-election bid. It was a substantial victory as he got more than 70% of the votes. He performed relatively well in his time as a mayor as he maintained a surplus budget without cutting jobs. He actively stood against homophobia and for the anti-gay marriage ban. Alan Autry supported the constitutional amendment of 2008. 

He was also at the centre of a campaign to eradicate homelessness in the city of Fresno. He directed that the homeless shelters in the downtown of Fresno be swept. The policy was later abandoned when a federal court ruled against it as it wreaked havoc on properties illegitimately, violating the civil rights of homeless people. 

After severally disagreeing with the court ruling, within the passage of time, Alan Autry showed regret and apologise with the policy, noting that it was discriminatory. As he was rounding up his tenure as a mayor, he tirelessly collaborated with the city council to come up with an ambitious plan to tackle homelessness in the area. 

Later Years

Alan Autry had a brief stint as a radio talk show host. He is currently dedicating his energy and investing his time in his production company and mentoring aspiring actors.