Brent Rivera is a social media star, an American YouTuber, and an actor. The YouTuber is famous on YouTube and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Like most young influencers, Brent makes YouTube videos and his YouTube channel and has acquired millions of followers. Although not much is known about Brent Rivera net worth, he is rich and lives a comfortable life. Here is his biography.

Name: Brent Austin Rivera,

Born: January 9, 1998,

Place of Birth: Huntington Beach, California,

Nationality: American,

Occupation: Actor, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer,

Family: Laura Marie(mother), John Rivera (father), Brice Rivera (brother), Blake Rivera(brother), and Lexi Rivera(sister).

Early Life

Actor and YouTuber Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera was born on January 9, 1998, in Huntington Beach, California. The famous social media personality grew up in California. He has three siblings. Brent Rivera’s parents are Laura Rivera and John Rivera. Laura Rivera is his mother, while John is his father. Laura is a teacher, while John is a firefighter.

Other members of the Brent Rivera family are Alexa Brooke Rivera, also known as Lexi. Like her brother, Brent Rivera, Lexi is also a social media personality. Brice and Black Rivera are Brent Rivera brothers. Brent grew up in Huntington, California, where he attended high school.

After completing his high schooling, he began his career as a social influencer, actor, and influencer. The name of the high school he attended is Huntington Beach High School, which is located in California. When he graduated from Huntington Beach High, he went to the Long Beach State University of California for further education. From when he was young, Brent Rivera dreamt of becoming an entertainer and actor. He began making videos right from when he was 12 years old. 

But his fans did not come from being an actor; instead, it came from social platforms. Brent became famous on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok when millions of people followed him. Also, Brent Rivera family members and siblings often appear in his videos on his YouTube channel. His younger sister Lexi appeared the most, and she is also a social media star like her brother. 

Brent Austin Rivera Career

Brent Rivera began his career from an early age. When he was started, he stated that he experienced bullying. But he went further to state that the bullying he experienced made him strong and successful. Brent is popular on YouTube, and he has millions of followers on social platforms.

 His account has grown popular, acquiring minions of followers recently. On YouTube, he mostly posts content involving pranks and challenge videos. Aside from that, Brent Rivera is an actor and has appeared in several movies. Brent began his acting career at the age of 10. But became famous when he worked in the TV show Alexander IRL.

 In the TV show, Brent played the role of a student named Alexander. The web film features two brothers, a responsible high school student, and a mid-20s guy. The student is trying to impress a girl, while the mid-20s party type needs an app to win over his boss from work. All four must work together to throw a party when their parents leave town for a week. Alexander IRL is a 2017 comedy-drama film, and it is directed by K. Asher and Brandon Cohen. 

The web film stars Nathan Kress, Ryan Newman, Brent, and Marcus Scribner. It was produced by Rob Fishman, Rivera, and Levin. In the web film, Brent acts the role of a student who threw a party just because he wants to become one of the cool kids. Brent was selected by the producer because he fit the age that the movie targeted. According to Asher, who is the director, Brent was also the perfect candidate to play the part of a student.

YouTube Channel

Brent makes YouTube videos like her social influencer. His account called Brent has over 12.8 million followers and has gained more than 2 billion views. One of Brent’s most viewed videos on YouTube has more than 32 million views. The content is titled Little Kids Nowadays and is loved by his followers. Aside from that, he uploads content every week that are related to pranks, comedy, and challenge. 

Personal Life

Brent Rivera

Brent once dated Eva Gutowski, who runs the channel “My Life As Eva” and hosted a web series”How to Survive a Break-up.” The duo met in 2025 when Eva Gutowski asked Brent to participate in a music video with her. Brent also dated model Morgan Justus before that. Aside from dating, Brent usually hangs out with his best friend, Pierson Wodzynski.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Amp Studios and a content group, and a talent incubator. He has his clothing line called Relatable apparel. Brent’s older brother Brice is also a social media star, while Blake is also a famous hockey player. Brent does not let out much of his net worth. He is estimated to have more than $6.5 million.