Full Name: Peter Gene Hernandez

Birthdate: October 8, 1985

Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii

Sex: Male

Status: Civil Relationship 

Known for: Singing, Songwriting, and Dancing

Peter Gene Hernandez is the same person as Bruno Mars. He is an American singer, songwriter, record player, instrumentalist, and dancer. His biography is an exciting one. Bruno Mars is popularly known for his performance on stage and his retro showmanship.

 He has performed in a wide span of musical styles which includes hip-hop, r&b, soul, reggae, and rock. Mars doesn’t perform alone. His band – The Hooligans, accompany him to any show that he attends. 

bruno mars and the hooligans

They play a wide variety of instruments such as guitar, piano, keyboards, drum, horns, and bass. At times members of The Hooligans serve as backup singers and dancers.

Early Life

Bruno was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1985.  His father is Peter Hernandez, and his mother is Bernadette San Pedro Bayot. They raised Mars in the Waikiki neighbourhood of Honolulu. Peter Hernandez is partly Puerto Rican and partly Jewish. 

Mars’ mother is from the Philippines and had some Spanish ancestry. Bruno’s parents met when they were performing in a show. Bernadette was a hula dancer while Peter played the percussion. Bruno Mars was named Peter initially, but at the age of two, his father nicknamed him Bruno.

 It is because he resembles Bruno Sammartino, who was a professional wrestler. Aside from Bruno Mars, his parents have five other children. Mars has a strong music background which exposes him to a diverse mix of song genres like reggae, rock, hip-hop, and r&b.

For a start, his mother was a singer and dancer while his father performed rock and roll music. So, at an early age of four, Bruno Mars started serving five days a week with his family crew. At the time, Bruno Mars became known for his impersonation of Elvis Presley.

 In 1990, the Hawaiian tabloid featured Bruno Mars as ‘Little Elvis’ ‘. In 1992, Mars appeared in a cameo role in Honeymoon, a film they filmed in Las Vegas. As a kid, Bruno Mars had a small drum set, guitar, and percussion that he used to play. This performance exposed Mars to music at an early age.

 When his parents divorced, things changed for him. Mars had to move out of his parents’ home with his father, brother, and they lived anywhere. They will sleep on the back of a car, on top of roofs, and in an abandoned bird zoo. 

So, in 2003, Mars moved to Los Angeles after he graduated from high school. He did this to enable him to pursue his music career. It was at that time that Bruno adopted the nickname his father gave him when Mars was a kid. 

He then added Mars to it since according to Bruno, he felt like he was not from around because lots of girls say that he is not from this world.


Bruno Mars signed a recording deal with Atlantic Records in 2009. Also, he co-founded Smeezingtons that same year. Mars climbed to fame in 2010 when he released ” Nothin’ on You” and “Billionaire”. Both songs feature Mars vocals. 

Also, his studio made the number-one singles “Just the Way You Are”, ” The Lazy Song”, and “Grenade”. It earned Mars the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Bruno Mars’ second album won the Grammy Award for the Best Pop Vocal Album.

 Two of the singles, ” Locked Out of Heaven ” and “When I Was Your Man” reached number one on the Hot 100 chart. Mars continued singing, and in 2014, he collaborated with Mark Ronson to produce “Uptown Funk ” which received a Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

 Later Bruno Mars formed another team Shampoo Press & Curl. The new squad helped produce his third album which received seven Grammy Awards. Bruno Mars’ music “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade” are two most profitable singles, with sales of 12.5 million and 10.2 million.

 It makes Mars the largest selling artist of 2012. Bruno’s music “Just The Way You Are”, “Grenade”, “Locked Out Of Heaven”, and “When I Was Your Man” had sold over 4 million copies each.

bruno mars

 This sale made him the first male singer to do so as a star singer. As of 2016, Bruno sold  26 million albums worldwide, and also 200 million singles as of 2020.


 In total, Bruno Mars has sold over 130 million records worldwide. This total sale made him one of the best-selling artists of all time. Aside from that, Bruno Mars is also a songwriter. In 2011 and 2013, the Music Week and Billboard magazine included him as one of the best songwriters of those years.

 In total Bruno Mars received more than 11 Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, and nine American Music Awards. Also, he received ten soul Awards and has three Guinness World Records.

Bruno Mars Height

Bruno Mars is 5ft 4in or 1.65m tall.

 Personal Life

Mars has a brother Eric. Eric worked with Mars as the drummer in his backup band, The Hooligans. He also has sisters who made up the all-girl music group The Lylas. Mars began dating Jessica Caban in 2011. Then they started living together in 2019 in a mansion in Hollywood Hills with Geronimo, their Rottweiler.

Bruno Mars’ mother died on Saturday, June 1, 2013, at the age of 55. She suffered from a brain aneurysm. She died in Honolulu, Hawaii.