Full Name: Carel Struycken

Birthdate: July 30, 1948

Birthplace: The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Sex: Male

Status: Married

Known For: Dutch Film, stage, and television actor.

Family: Peter Struycken (Brother). He is known to have two children with his American wife.

Carel Struycken is a Dutch actor who was born on July 30, 1948. He is known for playing the role of a Giant and Fireman in the movie Twin Peak. In 1998, he starred in the series Charmed as a Giant Demon.

Carel Struycken played the role of Mr Homn in Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as many other starring roles.

As well as being an actor, Carel Struycken is also a writer, photographer, producer, and editor.

He is a tall man; coming at seven feet, which is about 213cm. Carel has two children from his wife and has been active in the film industry for 42 years since he made his debut in 1978.

Carel Suffers from Acromegaly. Acromegaly is a disorder that results from excessive growth hormones (GH) after the growth plates have closed. This explains his height.

Let’s have a look at his biography. Who is Carel Struycken? Who are his family? And what other significant details should you know about him?


The actor has an older brother, Peter Struycken, who is a hugely successful artist. Peter won the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences’ 2012 Heineken Prize for Arts.

Peter was born in 1939 and is nine years older than his younger brother. Carel lives with his family in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Although his family moved to Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles when he was only four years old, Carel Struycken was born in The Hague, South Holland, the Netherlands on July 30, 1948.

He is 72 years old.


Carel Struycken has been known to be married to an American wife. It seems he and his family prefers to stay out of the spotlight as the identity of his wife is a little bit obscure.

The Jeffrey Leavitt Agency, Talent Management Company in California, United States represents Carel Struycken.

In terms of education, Carel finished high school after returning to his home country at the age of 16. He went on to graduate from a film school in Amsterdam after completing a directing program.

After graduating from the film school in Amsterdam, he moved to the American Film Institute in California and spent a year there.


Carl Struycken is an exceptionally tall man. He is 7 feet tall, which is about 213cm. His height is due to a disorder called acromegaly. He also weighs 100kg (220lbs) which is not surprising given his height.

He has a slim build, and his sexual preference is straight.


Carl Struycken does not seem to enjoy social media as he does not have social media accounts save a Twitter account that has been inactive for over two years.

In fact, the Twitter account he opened in 2009 has only 16 tweets, which is almost about a tweet or two every year.


Carel’s main source of income is acting. He is also a photographer and has a website that is devoted to his spherical panoramas. He and Josh Korwin share a photography blog.

He is also a writer, producer, and editor.

Carel Struycken has a net worth of $3 million.


Carel Struycken is a vegetarian, and he also enjoys gardening. He and his wife enjoy a private life in Los Angeles, California.

After his family moved to Curacao in Netherlands Antilles, Carel composed several Caribbean Waltzes at the age of 15. He has been diagnosed with acromegaly.

Asides his successful acting career, Carel Struycken has also featured in two music videos; Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo in 1983 and A.D.I.D.A.S by Korn in 1996.

In terms of acting, Carel is popular for playing the role of a Giant and Fireman in the movie Twin Peaks.

He also played the role of Mr Homn in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has starred and appeared in several other movies and series.

Carel Struycken was discovered in 1978 at the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. This was when he was picked for his first movie, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

He starred as butler Lurch in The Addams Family which was released in 1991. Struycken reprised the role of Lurch in 1998 horror film Addams Family Reunion.

Other movies he has appeared in include Ewoks: The Battle for Endor in which he played the role of Terak , and in 1997, he had a minor role in Men in Black.

In recent years, he has appeared in the 2017 Netflix movie Gerald’s Game where he played the role of “Moonlight Man.” In the same year, he played the role of The Fireman in Twin Peaks: The Return.

He also appeared briefly in The Blacklist(TV movie) as Matthew Kincaid.

In 2019, he played the role of Grandpa Flick in Doctor Sleep and as the Fireman in the 2017 television series.

Fun Facts about Carel Struycken

  • Carel Struycken appeared in punk rock musical film Population: 1 in 1986
  • Carel Struycken is widely known for his spectacular performance in the Addams family films.
  • He got start as an actor in 1978 at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine in California by a woman who had left her car in the middle of a busy street and hollered at him, “We need you for a movie!”
  • He was cast in a small role in Men in Black by film maker Barry Sonnenfeld.
  • He played “The Giant” a mythical guide figure in the movie Twin Peak
  • Carel Struycken made his cinematic debut in the musical comedy film ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ in which he played a supporting role.

Major Movie Roles Played By Carel Struycken

Hunter (1987) as an Occult Store Owner

Gotham as a Tall Monster

Science Fiction (2002 ) as a Strange man

Addams Family Values as Lurch

The Vampire Hunters Club as Host Vampire

The Addams Family as Lurch

Addams Family Reunion as Lurch

Trophy Heads as Brother Humphrey

The Fallen Ones as High Priest

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