Full name: Christine Weston Chandler
Nickname: Chris Chan, CWC
Date of birth: 24th February 1982
Age: 39 years old (as of 2021)
Place of birth: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Current residence: Virginia, USA
Nationality: American

Chris Chan is a YouTuber, videographer, painter, singer, and religious zealot from the United States who is most known for her web comic series Sonichu.

Chris Chan used to identify as a man, but since 2016, she has revealed that she is a trans woman. Chris began his online career in 1999, when she uploaded Sonichu comics to a personal blog. She started her first YouTube channel in 2007, about the same time she became a well-known trolling target for her cartoons and personal life, and was dubbed one of the “most researched individuals in history.”

Early Life

Chris Chan
Young Chris

Christopher Weston Chandler was born on February 24, 1982, in Charlottesville, Virginia, to Robert Franklin “Bob” Chandler Jr. and Barbara Ann Weston. Bob was employed at Western Electric as a plastic moulds expert, while Barbara worked for Virginia Power as a receptionist. When Chris was 18 months old, he had a nasty nanny named Roach anytime Barbara and Bob went out. Roach, she claims, would shut Chris in her room full of toys whenever she became enraged. Chris says that this event gave her autism (which is untrue; autism is a hereditary disorder that is not brought on by traumatic situations).

Chris never spoke until she was seven years old, and she went to James Madison University for speech and language therapy. Chris was labelled as having high-functioning autism around this time, and medics predicted she would never make it to ninth grade, let alone be able to write her name. Chris, on the other hand, was able to reach these intellectual milestones over time. Chris was finally able to speak by the age of seven, after six years of quietness, by carefully reading aloud a GoBots package.

Fame on the internet

Chris designed Sonichu in a graphic arts class on March 17, 2000; she wanted to utilize Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu on a CD cover, but she couldn’t because of copyright issues, so she mixed Sonic and Pikachu’s elements to create a new character. On March 24, 2005, the first Sonichu comic was released. She also formed a virtual band named “Christian and the Hedgehog Boys,” which included people that appeared in the Sonichu comic. Christian & the Hedgehog Boys COMEBACK! (2003) and Christian & the Hedgehog Boys (2003) were released (2009). Singing over pre-existing pop songs and modifying some of the words resulted in the music.

Several websites, notably 4Chan and Something Awful, were the first to notice her. Encyclopedia Dramatica would eventually develop a page criticizing Chris in 2007.

She’d start leaking personal material on ED, destroying her friendship in the end. When Clyde Cash, Liquid Chris or Ivy O’Neil or Marvin or any other troll or phony girlfriend saw this, they would be enraged! Her art, attitudes on women and homophobia, apathy, delusions, selfishness, and other things have been mocked online. While some trolls have attempted to help Chris change her life, others, such as BlueSpike, The Idea Guys, and Isabella Janke, have had a terrible impact on her mental health and well-being. Many people became enamored with Chris and began archiving her videos and messages on the CWCki, a fan website.

In the 2000s, Chris’s personal life was quite unremarkable, since she was preoccupied with video games, comics, and YouTube videos rather than work. However, she was occasionally barred from stores and churches, probably as a result of her notoriety . Around March and April of 2010, she attempted to detach herself from social media and focus on her personal life, but she failed miserably.

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