Christopher Masterson or Christopher  Kennedy Masterson is an American actor and a disc jockey who appeared in several TV shows like the Fox sitcom (Francis) Malcolm in the Middle, Hiroshima Maiden, Mom I Can Do It, Bad Roomies, and Beneath the Leaves. Christopher has a half-sister who is also an actress and a half-brother who is an actor. Here is his biography.

Name: Christopher Masterson,

Born: January 22, 1980,

Place of birth: Long Island, New York,


Early Life

Not much is known about Christopher Masterson’s early life except that he was born in Long Island, New York, in the United States of America. His father is Peter Masterson, and his mother is Carol Masterson. Peter Masterson worked as an insurance agent while Carol was a manager. Christopher has an older half-brother and a half-sister who happen to be actors and actresses. Christopher has a long history of acting under his belt as an American actor. Christopher is the younger brother of Danny Masterson and the older relatives of Jordan and Alanna Masterson. 

Christopher Kennedy Masterson Education

We don’t know much about Christopher Kennedy Masterson’s education except that he attended high school in Long Island, along with his brother and sister.


As an actor, Christopher has starred in lots of movies. His career started in 1988 when he began acting. In Dragonheart: A New Beginning, Christopher played Geoff. Dragonheart is a 1996 action-adventure fantasy movie directed by Rob Cohen. The movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual effects in 1996. Aside from Dragonheart, Christopher also appeared in Scary Movie. Scary Movie is a supernatural parody film. 

The movie shows an array of supernatural and haunted house films from different decades. In this movie, Christopher plays the lead character. Another movie that Christopher Masterson best knows is the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. The TV series ( Malcolm in the Middle) is about a dysfunctional middle-class family who has an adolescent (Francis) who tested at a genius level. 

Frankie Muniz, although he enjoyed his intelligence, resents having to take special classes for gifted children. Christopher Masterson also appeared in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding. Christopher also appeared in Chapman by Paul Holt. Intellectual Property is another movie that Masterson appeared in during this time. He also played Edward Linton in MTV’s Wuthering Heights for seven years. Aside from that, Christopher guest-starred in three episodes of That 70s Show, acting in the film along with his brother Danny. Danny and Christopher have played in lots of other films.

Christopher Masterson appeared in the television series “White Collar.” In White Collar, he acted as Josh Roland in ‘Where there’s a Will.’ Aside from that, Christopher played a guest role on Murphy Brown.


Christopher Masterson has worked in one of the best and most-watched television series for which he received great acclaim for his acting as Francis in Malcolm in the Middle. 

Personal Life


Aside from acting and being a disc jockey, Christopher Masterson has a personal life. His parents are Peter and Carol Masterson. His relatives are Danny Masterson, his brother. Other relatives are Jordan and Alanna Masterson, his maternal half-brother and sister. 

Masterson was in several relationships. He dated Laura Prepon between 1999 to 2007. On June 25, 2019, Christopher Masterson married fellow actress Yolanda Pecoraro. About two years after their marriage, they had a daughter called Chiara. 

Christopher and Danny have invested their cash in two restaurants. Together they run another business aside from their acting career. Aside from that, Christopher and Danny have acted in a direct-to video movie. 

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