Damon Wayans Jr is a comedian and an American actor, popularly known as Brad Williams. He is the son of Damon Wayans, who is also an American actor, producer, writer, and comedian. Damon is famous for the role he played in the ABC sitcom Happy Ending. He was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Here is his biography

Name: Damon Wayans Jr.,

Born: November 18, 1982,

Nationality: American,

Place of Birth: Huntington, Vermont, USA

Occupation: Actor and comedian,

Family: Wife and five children.

Damon Wayan’s Early Life

Not much is known about Damon Kyle Wayans Jr early life, except that he is the eldest of the four children born to Wayans and his wife, Lisa Thorner. His family members are also entertainers and actors, which help shape his career. His father is Damon Wayans, who is a famous actor, writer, and entertainer, while his mother, his Lisa. We don’t know much about the occupation of Damon Wayans mother. 

Damon also has three other siblings, Michael, Cara Mia, and Kyla, making it four children in their family. Aside from his father being an entertainer, Damon Wayans uncles Shawn and Marlon are also comedians. This shows that Damon Wayans Jr was raised in an acting family. It is not surprising then that Damon Wayans Jr entered the acting role early in life. 

From an early age, Damon Wayans Jr has starred in a comedy film on several occasions. Aside from that, he provided the voice of Wasabi in Big Hero 6. Damon Jr made his film debut when he cast his father’s feature film in 1994. He played Young Kevin in the 1994 movie Blankman.


Damon Wayans Jr is widely known for the role he played as Brad Williams in the ABC sitcom Happy Endings. Aside from Brad Williams, he has acted in other movies like Coach on the New Girl, The Real Bicycle Thief, and a Disturbance in the Kitchen. Damon Jr made his film debut when he was cast in Damon Wayan Sr film of 1994 called the Blankman, playing young Kevin in the film. 

Blankman is an American superhero movie and tells the story of two kids who grew p to be fans of superhero Batman. Now that they are grown up, Darryl, one of the kids, becomes a nerdy repairman, while his other brother Kevin (Damon Wayans Jr) becomes a tabloid news cameraman. The screwed-up brothers both lived with their grandma Walker. Grandma Walker is a strong supporter of Alderman Marvin Harris, who is running for the office of Mayor. 

Then Kevin decided to do a story about the mobster Micheal who attempted to bride Harris. One night, walker was murdered by Micheal henchmen. This prompted Darryl to start fighting crime, and he tried to save an elderly passenger from being mugged but made the mistake to storm the crack house to warn the gang members. He then becomes a vigilante under the annoyance of his brother Kevin.

Actor Damon Wayans jr

Aside from Blankman, Damon Wayans Jr has also starred in other films. He appeared in his father’s sitcom, My Wife and Kids. In My Wife and Kids, he played the role of John, who is one of Junior’s friends. The character is loosely based on Damon Wayans Jr life. Aside from that, he appeared and served as a writer on The Underground. During his appearance on Def Comedy Jan, Damon Wayans Jr surprised audiences when he garnered a standing ovation for his debut appearance.

Damon Wayans also starred in the Wayans family comedy Dance Flick as the film’s main character, Thomas. Dance Flick is an American musical comedy movie about a suburban girl, Megan White. Other films Damon Thomas Jr appeared in are The Happy Endings which ran for three seasons, The Twilight Zone, as Stevie Schillens in How to be a Single David, and Which New Girl. New Girl is one of his best films. 

Aside from acting roles, Damon Thomas also does stand-up comedy. Damon Thomas Jr, like his father, is also a writer and a comedian and has collaborated with him in several movies. Wayans also worked as a staff writer with his father on several occasions.

damon wayans jr

Personal Life

Damon Wayans Jr has five children. He has two daughters, Aniya and Amara Wayans with ex-girlfriend Aja Metoyer. Damon Jr got married to Samara Saraiva in 2016, and they have three children.