Date of birth: 6th August 1959

Nationality: Canada, United States of America

Occupation: Screenwriter, Production Manager, producer

Family: Patricia Divine (Mother), Eugene Levy (Husband), Children: Sarah Levy (daughter), Dan Levy (Son)

Deborah Divine

Deborah Divine Levy is a scriptwriter, producer, and stage manager, and she’s 61 years old. Her husband, Eugene Levy, is a well-known Canadian actor, humorist, director, producer, and playwright.

Deborah Divine Levy’s birthdate is 6th August 1959. She is currently 61 years old.

Childhood/Early years

While little is documented about her early childhood, her mother’s name was Patricia Tyler Divine.

Patricia was an ambitious vocalist who started performing at The Royal Conservatory of Music in the 1940s, shortly after relocating from Rhode Island to Toronto.

Patricia studied music at The Royal Conservatory under some of the most prominent vocal trainers of the period, one of whom was Ernesto Vinci. Patricia had to stop her vocal coaching sessions short owing to limited funding.

Patricia’s daughter Deborah honored her mother by naming a seat in Koerner Hall in her honour on her 80th birthday. Deborah Divine didn’t want to give her mom just any present for her 80th birthday; she intended to leave a lasting legacy for the woman whose beautiful voice had shook the hallways of The Royal Conservatory and encouraged generations of her family.

Deborah’s decision to name a seat in Koerner Hall after her mother was the right approach to celebrating her mother’s tremendous talent and passion within the place where she got so much delight.

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Deborah Divine, Eugene Levy’s wife, is a scriptwriter, filmmaker, and stage manager, as stated in the previous paragraph.

From 1990 through 1993, she worked for Maniac Mansion, a Canadian show that aired on Family Channel and YTV. Maniac Mansion was a comedy about an endearing mad scientist who transfers his family into a house where an intelligent meteor lives. She’s also collaborated on films like Another World, The Edge of Night, Higgin Boys, and Gruber.


Deborah Divine
Deborah Divine family

The wedding of Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine occurred on june 12, 1977. Is Eugene Levy’s marriage still going strong? It is, indeed.

The two sweethearts are still married, and they have two outstanding kids:

Daniel Levy – Daniel Levy is an Emmy-nominated producer, as well as a screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, and director. He is most recognized for his work on Schitt’s Creek, which he co-created with his dad, Eugene Levy. Dan is Canadian by birth and his birth name is Daniel Joseph Levy.

Sarah Levy – Sarah is the daughter of Deborah Divine, she was born on September 10th, 1986. She is an actress who has appeared in films such as Schitt’s Creek (2015), Larry Crowne (2011), and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. (2005).

The Levy family is involved in the entertainment business.

Eugene Levy is an star actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker who has won numerous awards. To date, he has starred in over 60 films, eight of which have grossed more than $100 million. He has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most prominent comedy actors because to the box office success of films like Bringing Down the House (2003), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), and Father of the Bride Part II (1995).

Deborah Divine is a well-known author who has a great family. They have houses in Los Angeles, Florida, and Canada, which she shares with her hubby. They are really living the lives of a superstars.

Social Media

Deborah Divine had over 2759 Twitter followers. Sh e is a well-known figure on social media, and she regularly post her images and videos to engage her followers.

Deborah Divine is 1.77m tall.

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