Dr Dre is a rapper, a songwriter, a record producer, a record executive, an entrepreneur, an actor, an audio engineer, and a philanthropist. Let us take a look at the biography of DR.Dre

Dr Dre’s Early Life

The gangsta rapper, Dr Dre was born Andre Romelle Young in the year February 18 1965. Verna, his mother, sang in a group, “The Four Aces” before she quit to play the role of a mother. His father, Theodore who belonged to the band, Romells, named him after the band, Romelle.

Dre grew up in different locations. With the separation of his parents, his mother got married more than once. With parents as singers, it is not surprising that Dre too had a passion for music earlier on in life.

Dre’s skill in drafting was revealed while he was at Centennial High School and totally ignored other of his courses. It wasn’t easy getting him to study for his courses. Although he and his mother often moved from one place to another, it had nothing to do with his lack of concentration in his studies -he was consumed with the desire for making music.

His genuine smile was when he received a Christmas gift in 1984. It was a music mixer. And Dre wasted no time in setting up a studio in his room. He began to play and experiment with different sounds and songs. He would spend long hours locked in his room to produce his unique sound.

Dr Dre’s Early Music Career

Eve After Dark, a nightclub in Los Vegas was where Dre had his first chance to work with the turntables. He went on to become a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru and gained his reputation of the name Dr Dre with his “crazy” mixing ability. His nickname was inspired partly by Julius Erving, the basketball star called, “Dr J.”

Making Waves in the Music Industry

In 1985, Dr Dre formed Niggers With Attitude (N.W.A) together with rappers, Ice Cube, the D.O.X Yella, MC Ren, Easy-E, and the Arabian Prince. Together, they produced songs that spoke about the streets. The creation of the group gave him the opportunity to explore his creativity in sound production, and it was a success.

N.W.A came up with a second album in 1988, “Straight Outta Compton.” The album made a huge success selling about 2 million copies. This success of the album paved the way for the genre of music known as gangsta rap.

Dr Dre took a major step and got signed with the Death Row Records and released, “The Chronic,” in 1992. The song hit the top of the hip-hop charts.

Dr Dre continues to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats with each album released. Each of his albums sells about millions of copies, it’s an indication of his music career.

He encouraged youngsters by producing tracks for both hip-hop and rap artists on Ruthless Records and Death Row Records in 1991 which he co-founded with Marion “Suge” Knight.

With the launch of his music label, Aftermath Entertainment, a joint venture with Interscope Records, he signed a lot of artists that made waves. But his major signing deal was with Eminem and 50 Cent and produced some of their best albums.

Dr Dre Personal Life

Dr Dre had two kids while he was still in high school, Curtis and La Tonya. He met Curtis only when he was 20 years old.

His third son, Marcel, was from the relationship with Michel’ le. They had worked together in the “World Class Wreckin’ Cru.”

Andre R. Jr. came in 1980. He had Andre with Jenita Porter. Unfortunately, Andre died of an overdose of drugs in 2008.

Dr Dre finally tied the knot in 1966. He married Nichole Threatt, and they had two children, Truth and Truly.

Dr Dre’s Age and Net worth

The 55 years old gangsta rapper who is also known as The Mechanical Brickhard has a net worth of $820 million as of February 2020.