Drew Starkey is an American actor that has starred in many movies. He was born on November 4, 1993, in Birth Hickory, North Carolina, USA. As an actor, Brew Starkey is known for his role in many movies like Love, Simon, and The Hate U Give. Other films Drew Starkey starred in are Outer Banks and Scream: Resurrection. After, Drew Jumped over to the Shadow and Bone season 2. Here is his biography.

Name: Drew Starkey,

Age: 28,

Born: November 4, 1993,

Family: Father, mother, brother, and two sisters,

Height: 6′ 2″

Education: St. Stephen’s High School, Western Carolina University.

Drew Starkey

Early Life

Drew Starkey grew up in Birth Hickory, North Carolina. Little is known about Drew as a kid. This means that he did not provide more information about himself. But we know that Drew was born on November 4, 1993, in the United States of America. While Drew talks little about other parts of his life, he knows that he is a faithful Christian. Drew finished high school in North Carolina and enrolled at the University of Western Carolina. Starkey’s hobbies include photo shooting and playing. And like most Hollywood actors, acting. Little is known about the Drew Starkey family except that he has one brother and two sisters. Their names are Lo Starkey, Brooke Starkey, and Mackayla Starkey.

Acting Career

One movie in which Drew Starkey starred (A Simple Wedding) is about a bright college student (Zoey Miller) that rejects traditional ideals of love. Her entire perspective on romance turns upside down when another student mistakes her for his girlfriend, who has the same name as her. Drew also appeared in the Young Guard in 2019. Starkey is also an Outer Banks star known for the role he played in the movie. Outer banks were set in Charleston, South Carolina, and it features a summertime aura involving lost treasure. In the movie, Drew plays the role of Rafe Cameron, who is an aggressive youth with a dark side.

Due to his role as Rafe Cameron in Outer Banks, Drew Starkey has made himself known as one of Hollywood’s exciting young actors. Also, Outer Banks was a success on the streaming service. Frat Boy is another movie Drew Starkey starred in. He has started with lots of other actors and actresses like Josephine Langford and Archie Renaux. Drew, Josephine Langford, and Archie Renaux also worked on Rom-Com ‘The Other Zoey’. Josephine Langford previously features in the After movies along with Archie Renaux. He also did an acting job with more tv.

Drew Starkey and the Outer Banks cast members have grown close, like family members. Drew, who now lives in Los Angeles, says that it reminds him of his college days. Starkey also starred as Patrick Clemens, Brad Christie, and Tanner Van Holt in Embattled. The Other Zoey and Embattled are parts of Drew’s latest movies for named Zoey. Drew Starkey has done lots of acting with plenty TV shows. Most of those TV shows won him lots of credits.

American Actor Drew Starkey

2014 to 2016

Between 2014 and 2016, Drew Starkey starred as Patrick Clements in the Radical Norton of Gene Mutation. Also, Starkey starred as Todd Short in the Lost soles. Aside from that, Drew starred as Adrian Short in the Up the Hill film.


In 2018, Drew Starkey starred as Frat Boy in American Animaland Garrett Laughlin in The Hate U Give film.


In his 2019 roles in movies, Drew Starkey starred as Ryan in Mine 9 and Young guard in Just Mercy.


In the 2020 TV movie Limbo, Drew starred as Rodney. He also starred as Ricky Shorts in Extended Stay. Drew got to play the role of Tommy Matson in the Devil All the Time and Tanner Van Holt in Embattled.


Films Drew is currently working on are Hellraiser which is scheduled to be released next year, and the Other Zoey, which will be released new year as well.

TV Series

Drew Starkey has also appeared in other TV series like Mercy Street and Shorts Fired, where he played the role of Gambling Soldier and Boy.