Finn Wittrock is an American actor, a screenwriter, and is an award-winning entertainer known for his roles in Halloweentown High, Twelve, The Juilliard School, and Off-Broadway. Peter Finn Wittrock was born on October 28, 1984, and has done lots of film roles. As an actor, Finn worked alongside Lily Rabe, Matt Borner, Denis O’Hare, Darren Criss, Cody Fern, Max Greenfield, and lots of other actors. Here is his biography.

Name: Finn Wittrock,

Age: 28,

Born: October 28, 1984,

Family: Peter L. Wittrock and Kate Claire Crowley,

American actor Finn wittrock

Early Life

Peter Finn Wittrock’s early years began in Lenox, Massachusetts. He was born on October 28, 1984, to Peter L. Wittrock and Kate Claire Crowley. Kate was a professor of occupational therapy at the University of Southern California, while Peter Sr., was an actor. Finn Wittrock has a younger brother named Dylan.  As a child, Finn Wittrock grew up in the Shakespeare & Company theatre where his father Peter Sr. works. There, he would often act as a pageboy or messenger with the acting team. Finn Wittrock attended the Los Angeles High School for the Arts to enhance his filmmaking career. 

There, he would act, practice making favorite movies, and attend classes for actors. When Ginn graduated from Shakespeare & Company, he moved to Los Angeles with the hope to find work but was turned down. Later on, he auditioned for Juilliard and was accepted. In school, Finn was a member of the drama division between 2004 and 2008. He participated actively in the drama department and starred in numerous plays. Eventually, Finn won the Juilliard Journal Award because of his outstanding contributions to their newspaper, and he won the Stephanie Palmer Scholarship. Finn graduated from college with a degree in Fine Arts in 2008. 

Finn Wittock Family

Acting runs in Finn’s family bloodline. This is true because his father is an actor, while Finn and his brothers are no stranger to the stage and screen. The only exception is his mother, who works as an occupational therapy professor. Finn, his father, and his brother worked together on films too. The Wittocks made Louie, which is a post-world war II film about a person haunted by an incident that occurred in his past. Aside from that, Finn cast his brother in the film The Submarine Kid. In 2020, Finn and his brother featured in Long Weekend, where his brother played the role of a bartender. The pair continue to star in great films which show that acting runs in their bloodline. 

Finn Wittrock Career

2009 to 2011

After graduating from high school, Finn Wittrock starred in several films including cold case and ER. Cold Case was  a police procedural series, while ER was a medical drama. Aside from those movies, Finn made appearances on CSI: Miami and Halloweentown High, while he was still in drama school. When Finn graduated from Juilliard, he portrayed Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and he played the role of Eugene Marchbanks in Candida and monsters inside. Finn Wittrock portrayed Damon Miller in the tv season All My Children. That tv series was between 2009 and 2011. Aside from that, Finn portrayed Troilis in Off-Broadway which was made in 2009. Wittrock appeared in the Age of Iron and Twelve, a film that was made in 2010.


When Finn starred in the play The Illusion by Tony Kushner,  executive producer Mike Nichols came to see it. And later asked Finn to audition for Death of a Salesman. Wittrock got the part of Harold Loman and made his Broadway debut opposite Philip Hoffman in 2012. The play won the best revival of play award, while Finn won a Theater World Award and Clarence Award. The Clarence Award is an award for promising male performers. Finn later starred in the film The Deep Blue which was directed by Bob Balaban. Other movies Finn Wittrock appeared in are Harry’s Law, Criminal Mind, and Sweet Bird of Youth. 

  2013 to 2014

Finn Wittrock, in 2013, starred in the play The Guardsman. The Guardsman was staged at the Kennedy Center and directed by Gregory Mosher. Aside from that, Finn also starred on Law & Order: Special Victim Unit and later on several episodes of the Masters of Sex. In 2014, Finn collaborated with director Ryan Murphy and starred in The Normal Heart, which is based on a play of the same name.   Wittrock also appeared in the film Winter’s Tale and Noah. Noah was produced by the executive director Darren Aronofsky. In Noah, Finn played the role of the young Tubal-Cain. Next, Finn collaborated with Murphy and played the Dandy Mott on American Horror Story: Freak Show. For his role in the Freak Show, Finn received a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Actor. 

Peter Finn Wittrick later went on to star in the film Air Force Bombardier. He was seen playing the role of Francis in Angelina Jolie war drama Unbroken. Again in 2015, Finn collaborated with Murphy for the third time as model Tristan Duffy and as Rudolph in the fifth series of American Horror Story. Also, in that same 2005, Finn co-starred in Adam Mckay’s drama film The Big Short. Later, in 2006, Wittrock had a small role in Lala Land, a film that was directed by Damien Chazelle. Finn later co-star with Daniel Craig in Othello, which began on December 12 at the New York Theater. 

Later in 2017, Wittrock returned to the play The Glass Menagerie. He also appears in the comedy film Landline. While in 2018, Finn played in A Futile and Stupid Gesture as Tim Matheson in David Wain’s comedy film. Finn Wittrock starred with Kristen Stewart in the video If you Love Nothing. Interpol is a music video for indie bands.  Again, Finn starred as Judy Garland’s husband Mickey Dean in Judy. 

Finn Wittrock Personal Life

Actor Finn Wittrock

Finn Wittrock married his longtime girlfriend Sarah Roberts. The event took place on October 18, 2014, in a private ceremony. Sarah Roberts was Finn’s fellow graduate from Juilliard. In March 2019, Finn and Saran both had a son they named Jude.  Both Sarah and Finn spend time with their families.



Finn Wittrock was nominated for the Theatre World Award for his role in The Death of a Salesman. He later won the award. Also, he was nominated for the Clarence Awards for the Male Performer. Finn won that award.  


Finn was nominated for the Dorian Awards. Later, he was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Awards for the best supporting performer. Finn was later nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards for an Outstanding Support Actor. 


In 2016, Finn was nominated for the Best Acting Ensemble award and the National Board of Review Awards, which he later won.