Tom Cruise is without a doubt is among Hollywood’s most dedicated actors.

Since his rise to popularity in the 1980s, the 58-year-old actor has acted in over 50 films, and it appears that not even the worldwide medical crisis can hold him back. He successfully completed filming in both the seventh Mission Impossible film and the eagerly awaited Top Gun sequel.

tom cruise

Nevertheless, how well do you know Tom’s private life? Continue reading to learn everything there is to discover about the actor, from his personal life to his career.

How tall is Tom Cruise?

Tom’s height is typically recorded as 5ft 7, yet in the 1980s, he was described to as a typical 5ft 8 or 9, a height that Tom himself stated in 1988: “”I’ve always been around the same weight, 147 pounds, at 5 feet 9 inches,” according to another article from 1988, and “Extremely average, save for the wicked grin and the ice-blue eyes,” according to another piece from 1988. Now that you know, there’s no need to ask: it’s how Tom Cruise appears in real life. He’s approximately 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, so he’s not exactly a hunk.”

How much money does Tom Cruise have?

Through years of hard labour both on-screen and behind the camera, Tom’s net worth has grown significantly. His big break came with the coming-of-age comedy Risky Business, which he starred in in 1983. He worked non-stop through the 1980s and 1990s before branching out into production. He’s most recognised these days for his roles as both a star and a producer in the blockbuster Mission Impossible franchise.

He’s one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors, with a reported net worth of $600 million. He is thought to earn approximately $50 million per year.

Is Tom Cruise married or unmarried?

The actor has three marriages and three divorces under his belt. He married actress Mimi Rogers for the first time in 1987, when he was barely 24 years old. Mimi, who appeared in shows including The X-Files and Ginger Snaps, is thought to have introduced Tom to Scientology. After three years together, the couple decided to part ways in 1990.

After dating for only a few months, Tom wedded Nicole Kidman on Christmas Eve of the same year they started their relationship. Tom and Nicole were married for over a decade before splitting up in 2001.

Four years later, he rekindled his romance with Katie Holmes of Dawson’s Creek. They dated for only a few months before Tom proposed, as with all of Tom’s previous marriages. Their wedding, which took place in Italy in 2006, was witnessed by several Hollywood stars and was exclusively reported by HELLO! They ended up splitting in 2012, which was disappointing for Tom.

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Does Tom Cruise have children?

Tom Cruise has three children and is a proud father. Tom has two adopted children, Bella, 28, and Connor, 26. He shares his second marriage with Nicole. They, too, are adherents of the Church of Scientology, just like their father.

On top of that, Tom and Katie had a daughter Suri, now 14, during their six-year marriage.

Is Tom Cruise an Oscar-winning actor?

To this day, Tom has not received an Academy Award for his work in any of the films he has been in. In his 40-year film career, he’s been nominated twice for Best Actor: once for Born on the Fourth of July in 1990 and again in 1997 for Jerry Maguire. He was also nominated for a Supporting Actor award for his performance in Magnolia.

Tom Cruise Net Worth

On Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of Tom Cruise is estimated at $600 million. He is now one of cinema’s top stars and has appeared in several American blockbusters, including “Jerry Maguire,” “Rain Man,” “Top Gun,” and “Edge of Tomorrow.” His cinematic career has spanned 40 years and is still going strong. He’s also been shortlisted for a slew of acting accolades, including Oscars, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. He’s also a successful filmmaker, with a great deal of accomplishment with the continuous “Mission: Impossible” franchise, in which he also appears.