Full Name: Tracy Lauren Marrow

Birthdate: February 16, 1958

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, United States of America

Sex: Male

Status: Married

Known For: Ice-T is known to be a singer, rapper, musician, record producer, actor, and author.

Family: Solomon Marrow (Father), Alice Marrow (Mother), Coco Austin (Wife), Latesha Marrow (Daughter), Chanel Marrow (Daughter), Tracy Marrow Jr (Son).

Tracy Marrow popularly referred to as Ice-T is an African-American rapper, musician, record producer, actor, and author born on February 16, 1958, in New Jersey.

He got his famous nickname from reading novels of Iceberg Slim which he memorised and recited some excerpts to his friends. They would tell him “Yo, kick some more of that by Ice, T”; hence his nickname Ice-T.

Afterwards, he began using the name Ice-T as his stage name while performing as a Disc Jockey at parties.

While he never participated in any at a young age, he was exposed to gang life and illicit activities at an early age.

Ice-T also lost both parents when he was young. His mother, Alice, died of a heart attack when he was in his third grade while his father died when he was thirteen years old.

Let’s have a look at his biography. Who is Ice-T? Who are his family? And what other significant details should you know about him?


Tracy Marrow aka Ice-T is the only child of Solomon Marrow, a belt mechanic at Rapistan Conveyor Company and his mother, Alice Marrow.

He was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 16, 1958, but moved, later on, to upscale Summit, New Jersey with his family.

Ice-T was exposed to gang-related lifestyles, illicit behaviours as well as racism at a very young age. He eventually lived a life of crime, especially after leaving the army, robbing jewellery stores and many others.

One particular incident of note was when at the age of seven, he saw the racism his white friends levelled towards black children.

Although none of his friends targeted him for abuse as they assumed he was white because of his light skin, he recounted the incident to his mother.

“Honey, people are stupid,” was what his mother told him. According to Ice-T, the incident taught him to control how other people’s negativity affected him.

Another incident of note in his life, while he was growing up, was when he had the bike his father bought for him stolen.

Recounting the incident to his father, he revealed that all he got was a shrug and “well, then, you ain’t got no bike” from Solomon.

He had to steal bicycle parts to make his own, and he admits his father never asked how he got it.

Unfortunately for Ice-T, both his parents died of heart attacks. His mother died first when he was in third grade, and at the age of thirteen, he lost his father too.

Between the time he lost his mother and father, his father had help from a housekeeper in raising him.

Orphaned, he briefly lived with his aunts; one nearby and the other at View Park-Windsor Hills in South Los Angles.

In Los Angeles, Ice-T started gaining interest in heavy metal music while sharing a room with his cousin, Earl, who was a fan.


Tracy Lauren Marrow, popularly known as Ice-T was born on February 16, 1958. He is 62 years old.


Ice-T’s first reported relationship was when he was in high school.

He and his girlfriend at the time, Adrienne had a child together in 1976 while they were in high school. They both continued attending school while raising their daughter, LeTasha Marrow.

He also dated Caitlin Boyd briefly.

In 1984, Ice-T met Darlene Ortiz while on set for the movie Breaking’ at a club she was in. The pair entered a relationship and six years later in 1992, had a son Ice Tracy Marrow Jr.

In January 2002, he married swimsuit model, Nicole Austin, also known as Coco Marie. The pair currently lives in New Jersey and have a child together, their daughter, Chanel, who was born in 2015.

After moving to Crenshaw District of Los Angeles when he was in the eighth grade, Ice-T attended Palms Junior High, a predominantly white school.

He subsequently moved to Crenshaw High School, which was predominantly made up of black students.

During his time in high school, gangs were common in the Los Angeles school system. For example, members of the Crips and Bloods gangs went to Crenshaw.

While at Crenshaw, Ice-T wrote and performed “Crip Rhymes” with other Crips.


Although he has constantly claimed on different occasions to be “6 feet” and “6 feet1 inch,” Ice-T is 5ft10in. He weighs 91kgs which is about 200 pounds.

He has a brown eye colour, black hair, and his sexual orientation is straight.


Ice- T has social media accounts, and he is also very active on them. He has several fans which is shown by his over 1.7 million followers on his Twitter account @FINALLEVEL.

He is also very active on Instagram @icet and uses his platform to share his personal life, motivational quotes, and shedding light on many other societal problems.


Ice T is one of America’s famous rappers of all time. He is considered to be one of gangsta rap’s “O.G.’s.”

Asides rapping, Ice-t is also a rapper, singer, record producer, and author. He has been active for over 38 years since 1982.

While he started off being a D.J. at parties, Marrow received more attention for his rapping and decided to pursue a career in that instead.

He has since then tried his hands at many other things and currently has a net worth of $60 million.

Before making millions from music, he had to sell cannabis and steal jewellery to get by. He also stole car stereos to make money to support his pregnant girlfriend.

Unfortunately, this and the Social security benefits he was receiving from his father’s death were not enough, and he enlisted for the U.S. Army in 1977.

He served a tw0-year and two-month tour with the 25th Infantry Division and escaped punishment after being accused of having stolen a rug along with some other soldiers.


Ice-T has eight personal studio albums and has featured in several movies over the years. He has also been recognised for his work in the entertainment industry with several nominations and a couple of awards to his name.

Ice-T won the Grammy award for the Best Rap Performance by a duo or group in 1991 for his work in Back on the Block.

The following year, he was nominated for Grammy’s Best Rap Solo Performance for his work in New Jack Hustler (Nino’s Theme).

In 2018, he was also nominated for the Grammy Award of Best Metal Performance for his work in Black Hoodie.

He won the Image Award’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (New York Undercover) in 1996 and again in 2002 for his performance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He was nominated for the same award twice in 2004 and 2012. For the same Drama, he was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series in 2006.

Other nominations include Best Non-Sex Performance –Film or Video for his performance in Pimpin 101 in 2004, Outstanding Arts and Culture Programming award in 2012 for his work in Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation as well as Best Black Survivor In a Movie in 2016 for his performance in Surviving the Game.

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