Jack Dylan Grazer is an American actor known for his role in films like Me, Myself, and I, where he played the part of Young Alex. Also, Jack portrayed Freddy Freeman in Shazam, a DC Extended Universe film and Don’t Tell a Soul. Jack Dylan Grazer was given birth to on September 3, 2003. As an American actor, Jack started acting at an early age. He is successful in his acting career that the Hollywood reported named him one of the top 30 stars under 18. Here is his biography.  

Name: Jack Dylan Grazer,

Born: September 3, 2003,

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California,

Occupation: Actor,

Parents: Gavin Grazer and Angela Lafever.

Early Life

Jack Dylan is an actor that began his acting career by playing guest roles in films and television shows. Dylan was born on September 3, 2003, to Gavin and Angela Grazer. Not much is known about Jack Dylan Grazer. We don’t know the name of the high school he attended. The information available to us is that jack Dylan grew up in Los Angeles and was introduced to acting at an early age. His father, Gavin Grazer, is an actor, while his uncle Brain Grazer is a movie producer. Grazer sponsors a scholarship at the Adderley School for Performing Arts that is located in Pacific Palisades; he is an alumnus for two students annually.


Jack Dylan Grazer began his career early in life acting on TV. His breakthrough film is IT. It is a film that was adapted from Stephen King novel. In It, jack Dylan played the role of Eddie Kaspbrak.

Young Eddie kaspbrak

Jack Dylan Grazer played the role of young Eddie in It. In the film, Eddie is a frail and asthmatic kid who carry his inhaler with him. Dylan’s father died when he was a kid, and his mother his domineering. It was revealed in the film that Eddie asthma is psychosomatic, a means by which his mother used to manipulate him to care for her. Eddie finally stood up to his mother when he broke his arm.

Freddy Freeman

Shazam is a 2019 superhero film that was produced by New Line Cinema. The film is about a teenager who was chosen by the ancient wizard Shazam to be his champion by saying Shazam. Saying Shazam will allow him to transform into an adult superhero with lots of superpowers. Jack Dylan Grazer play Freddy, a disabled kid and foster brother to Billy, who teach him how to use his newfound powers.

jack dylan grazer

Frazer Wilson

Jack Dylan Grazer played the role of Frazer Wilson in the film, We Are Who We Are. The film is about two American 14 years old kids, Fraser and Caitlin. Dylan played a lead role in this film. Other movies Jack Dylan Grazer appeared in are Comedy Bang!, Don’t Tell a Soul. In we are who we are, Jack appeared alongside Rainn Wilson and Fionn Whitehead. He also voiced Alberto Scorfano in Luca. Luca is a 2021 Pixar film. Jack Dylan was rated the highest on Rt The Ultimate Binge Guide Best Movies.

Young Alex 

Dylan is popular for his role as young Alex in the film Me, Myself and I.

Personal Life

Jack Dylan enjoy the rating from his fans. Aside from that, he lived a quiet life, as little is known about him. In July 2021, Jack came out as bisexual during an Instagram live stream.