Full Name: Jacob Daniel Devito

Birth Date: 10 October 1987

Birthplace: New York USA

Sex: Male

Status: Single

Known For: His role in The Better Angels, Curmudgeons, and Tom River

Jake DeVito whose full name is Jacob Daniel DeVito is an American actor. Jake was born in New York, USA. DeVito is also a film director and producer known for producing popular films. 

Jake played a pivotal role in the production of Toms River, The Better Angels, and Curmudgeons. He is young and handsome and has a promising career and an exciting biography

Also, his parents have a significant influence on his career. Jake followed his father’s footsteps and has acted in movies and produced movies ever since he joined the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Jakes DeVito’s parents are Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Both of them are dominant figures in the movie industry. They gave birth to Jake DeVito in October 1987 in New York, USA. So, this means that Jake is an American and an Italian.

 He also used up most of his childhood days in New York with his family. Jake has two siblings, called Lucy and Grace. DeVito belonged to a privileged family and was introduced early into the movie industry. Jake was raised together with his two elder sisters, and he formed a special bond with them. 

He had the freedom to choose any career he wished, but he chose his father’s job. His father’s connection in the film industry made it possible for him to succeed. It is no surprise that Jake’s elder sisters worked in the film industry along with Jake and his father.

Jake’s father, Danny Micheal DeVito, is an American actor, comedian, director. Danny is also a producer and screenwriter who have appeared in a lot of films. He gained fame for his role in the television series Taxi between 1978 and 1983.

 The television series won him a Golden Globe Award. Also, it won him an Emmy Award. Danny also played Frank Reynold in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Danny is recognised for his movie parts in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He also played in Terms of Endearment, Throw Momma from the Train, and Twins. 

Danny played The War of the Roses, Batman Returns, Get Shorty, Matilda, Mars Attacks! He played in LA Confidential, Man on the Moon, Wiener-Dog, and Dumbo. 

Danny plays his part in movies like Space Jam, Hercules, The Lorax and The One and Only Ivan. It show that Jake DeVito has a solid foundation in the film industry. This solid foundation influenced his choice of career.

Jake DeVito Movie Success

Jake DeVito appeared for the first time in Pieces of a Dream back in 2005. He stood out of the crowd in the role he played in the movie. Jake went underground for some time before he resurfaced again in 2014. This time Jake DeVito did not resurface as an actor but as a producer. 

As a film producer, Jake filmed Better Angels, Quicksand, and Fair Chase. Jake used his role as a movie producer to learn more about the camera and the crew behind the scene. He also contributed to movies like Palpitations and Nest Of Vipers. 

Aside from that, Jake has been part of films and TV series like United Tim Long Project. He was also part of production works like Curmudgeons and St. Sebastian.

 Although Jake has done limited projects, his works are outstanding, and it shows that there are more exceptional works to come from this talented young actor and producer.

Family Life

Jake DeVito is a simple individual who does not like to attract attention. He has done a terrific task of protecting information about his personal life away from the media. 

That is why folks don’t know much about his social life. Jake does not have any girl. Also, he has not made any announcement that he is dating anyone yet. That means that Jake is still single. 

He will probably make that special announcement In the future so that everyone will know the lucky girl. With regards to social media, Jake is not active on any of the social media platforms.

Jake DeVito Credits

Jake DeVito has many credits for his incredible works. He has achieved five honours as a movie producer. These credits are as a result of his outstanding performance in directing great movies. 

Aside from those, he has three movie credits. Jake has two credits as an actor and one as a sound department. As an individual, Jake is easy to work with, and he is a talented individual. 

 Education and Net Worth

Nobody knows anything about Jake DeVito educational background. It appears like he did an excellent job of keeping his life out of public eyes. Jake is worth millions of dollars and is worth 2 million dollars. This network is a result of his hard work.

Height and Weight 

Jake+DeVito+Tribeca+Film+Festiva (1)

Jake DeVito is tall, at least taller than Danny DeVito. His height is 165 cm. This height makes it possible for him to stand out of the crowd. He is slim and looks agile. 

He has a broad chest and a good stature. His eyes are brown as well as his hair colours. It gave him the grace of perfectly matching any cloth that he put on to any event.