Jeff Wittek is an American YouTuber, Podcaster and Comedian. Jeffrey is popular for his YouTube Vlog, which has millions of subscribers. He joined David Dobrik’s Vlog in 2018 and has collaborated with other members of his Vlog. Here is his biography.

Name: Jeff Wittek,

Born: December 15, 1989, 

Occupation: Comedian, YouTuber and Podcaster,

Early Life

Jeff Wittek was born in Staten Island, New York. Like most YouTubers and influencers, not much is known about him, except what he posted on his social accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Although he has done many interviews, he gave the world little about himself and his friends. Jeff Wittek grew up in Staten Island, New York, where he attended Susan E. Wagner High School. From an early age, Jeff was exposed to a rough life. This is because he grew up in a rough neighborhood full of drug addicts and dealers. So, as a teenager, Jeff Wittek was exposed to the hustle like most kids in his neighborhood.

To make money, Jeff Wittek worked in a barbershop, grooming his clients. But the cash he made from the barbershop is not enough. So, he made extra cash by selling drugs. Jeff Wittek continued selling drugs after he relocated to Miami, Florida. In 2011, Jeff Wittek was eventually arrested for the possession of marijuana, cocaine and other controlled substances. He was also arrested for illegal drug trafficking. Wittek explained that he got lucky because the charges against him were dropped because of a lack of a search warrant. He got tired of Miami and moved to Los Angeles after that. But he continued selling drugs and planned to buy marijuana in large quantities and mail it back to New York City. 

Not much is known about Wittek high school, and we don’t know if he has plans for college. In Los Angeles, he discovered a new passion that changed his life and raised him to fame. 


Wittek became a YouTuber and Podcaster when he moved to Los Angeles. He eventually joined David Dobrik on his Vlog Squad. Wittek and Dobrik made several podcasts together. He has been active since 2011 and has a YouTube account with 3.14 million subscribers where he posts content. His Vlog has more than 300 million views so far. And he has won many awards, like the YouTube Silver Play Button and the Gold Play Button. 

2012–16: Early YouTube 

Jeff Wittek started his YouTube in 2011 but was first known for the Tumblr he started in 2012. Then he started creating videos for his fans to watch on YouTube. Another thing Jeff does on Tumblr is to style the hair of celebrities like Mac Miller and Pauly D. Jeff also posted hairstyling and party pictures on his Instagram. Later in his career as a YouTuber and Podcaster, he rose to fame when moving to Vine. Vine is a Hollywood apartment building that is known for housing celebrities like Jake Paul and Lele Pons. It was on Vine that Jeff met Dobrik through Toddy Smith. Toddy Smith is another video vlog squad member. David Dobrik is also a vlog Squad member. In June 2021, Jeff sent fallout to his friend David Dobrik for a boxing match. Jeff and Dobrik fall out as a result of the excavator accident. During the stunt that led to the accident, David began swinging the excavator around fast, resulting in Wittek’s eyes becoming injured. 

2017–19: The Vlog Squad 

Jeff Wittek joined the Vlog Squad, and Dobrik encouraged him to release his mugshot and make his last criminal activity part of his persona. In 2019, Jeff started filming his videos for his online insider talk show Jeff’s Barbershop and gained popularity to become the brand ambassador for Old Spice. Jeff would later interview on his show. The KSI interview is one of them. 

2020–present: Accident, Don’t Try This at Home

In 2020, Jeff was injured in Utah while he was filming with Dobrik and the Vlog Squad. Dobrik, at that time, was running ads in an illegal excavator in a shallow lake while Jeff swung from a rope that was attached to his arm. When the excavator stopped, Jeff collided with it and fell. Wittek’s skull was fractured in nine places. His arms and foot were also broken, tearing the ligament on his legs. Don’t try this at home was released around after nearly ten months of delay. In this April docuseries, Jeff showed footage and explained the circumstances surrounding his injury and described what it was like for him in recovery in April. He also revealed how the incident affected his relationship with Dobrik. David later posted an apology in March. Later, Jeff moved to Patreon because the video of his injury was too graphic to watch on YouTube. Aside from his injury, he also has a sexual assaults’ case filed by a Vlog Squad member, Duarte Dom. 

Jeff Wittek

Personal Life

Not much is known about Jeff’s personal life, except that he dated actress Cierra Ramirez in 2015. He has a Twitter page where he made a promise to update his followers. He encouraged his fans to sign up to visit his page.