Early Life:

Jessica Capshaw Biography: She is an American Hollywood actress that began her acting career in 1997 where she played a minor role in the movie, “The Locust.” Although she had known from the age of five that she was cut out for the screen, it was around this time that she made her intentions known.

Jessica Capshaw was born on August 9, 1976, in Columbia, Missouri. She was born to Kate Capshaw and Robert Capshaw. Kate Capshaw was an actress while Robert Capshaw was a sales manager, business executive, marketing director, and high school principal.


Jessica’s parents got divorced in 1980 when she was about three years old. This divorce made her and her Kate relocate to Los Angeles. There in Los Angeles, Kate Capshaw, Jessica’s mother became involved in her acting career. Jessica Capshaw effortlessly immersed herself in her mother’s acting career by spending time on set and travelling in her company to set locations that were away from home. This was an exciting career. She was gradually exposed to the world of acting and the development of her Interest in career could be linked to those times she spent on sets.

Jessica Capshaw had a stepfather when she was fifteen. Her mother married Steven Spielberg in 1991. Kate Capshaw and Steve Spielberg’s love story began on the set of the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” of 1984. Kate Capshaw played the role of Willie Scott, a female lead character while Steve Spielberg was the director. Her mother’s marriage to Steve Spielberg gave her a family. Through this union, she has five half-siblings and one stepbrother.

Jessica Capshaw was naturally attracted to the film industry despite her parent’s reluctance. They were mostly concerned about the difficulties peculiar to the film industry.

Her Career

Refusing to be discouraged, she served as Steve Spielberg’s assistant for his Academy Award-winning movie, “Schindler’s List,” as an intern. This was in 1993 when she was still at Harvard Westlake school and graduated in 1994. She was awarded an English degree at Brown University in Rhode Island. The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), London was where she took classes in acting during the summer. There she played a role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream production.

Success is a journey and Jessica Capshaw took no short cuts during her travels. She had to make her way in the film industry by playing minor roles to prove her talent. Some minor roles that ushered her into the film industry were “The Locust,” in 1997, “Daniel” in 1998. Her first major role was 1999 with the “Valentine” in 2001 and the psychological thriller, “Minority Report” in 2002 alongside Tom Cruise and then a lead role in the movie, “The Groomsmen,” in 2006. She had played the role of an oversexed attorney on the show, “The practice” which ran from 2002 to 2004.

She became endeared in the public eyes with her appearance in “Grey’s Anatomy” medical drama in 2009. Jessica Capshaw admits that starring in Grey’s Anatomy was a dream come true for her.

The show had been her favorite so much that the role she was assigned could not stop her. She had previously auditioned for it more than once. The first time was in 2007. She was pregnant with her son at the time. Her role was that of a lesbian doctor where she was having an affair with a fellow physician. This role made her won numerous admirations from the gay community. She interpreted her role and represented them well on screen. Initially, Shonda Rhimes had auditioned her to appear in just three episodes in the fifth season but her performance made her stay longer. It was on the show from 2009 to 2018.

Private Life (Marriage and Family)

Jessica Capshaw got married on May 22, 2004 to Christopher Gavigan, an entrepreneur. They have four children, a son, and three daughters. Jessica Capshaw’s net worth is $20 million.