Full Name: Jonah Frank King

Birthdate: July 29, 2011

Birthplace: United States

Status: Single

Known For: Son of Dana Bash, a successful American journalist, CNN political correspondent, and news presenter.

Family: Dana Ruth Bash (Mother), John King (Father).

Here is the biography of celebrity kid, Jonah Frank King.

Who is Jonah Frank King?

Jonah Frank King is a popular American celebrity child known for being the son of Dana Bash and father John King. Both parents are American news anchors and journalists. He was born to his parents on July 29, 2011. Unfortunately, Jonah Frank King’s parents got divorced in 2012, a year after he was born.

Before marrying his father, John King, his mother, Dana Bash, was married to a well-known American lawyer, Jeremy bash. He became the CIA Chief of Staff and Department of Defense Chief of Staff under former American president Barack Obama. They were married for nine years before they got divorced (1998-2007). Dana got married the following year to Jonah’s father, John.

Jonah Frank King has no biological siblings but has two half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage. His step-siblings are Hannah King and Noah King. His grandparents are Frances Weinman Schwartz, an author, and a teacher in Jewish Studies, and Stu Schwartz, a former ABC News Producer.

Jonah Frank King Biography
Young Jonah Frank King

Jonah Frank King Personal Life

Jonah Frank King is only a child and is, expectedly still unknown about love life. He is presently enjoying his childhood years with family, friends, and loved ones.

Jonah Frank King Social Media

Jonah King is surely not mature enough to use web-based media and other social media platforms yet. So, it is understandable that he doesn’t have an account on social media as of now. In addition, he rarely makes any public appearance. There is also not much information about him available on the internet.

Pictures of him are also scarce on the internet. However, he is often seen on his parent’s social media pages. Although he doesn’t yet have a social media following, his parents have thousands of followers. His mother, Dana Bash, currently has 123,000 followers on Instagram, while his father has more than 69,000 followers.

Jonah Frank King Birth Date What is Jonah Frank King Famous for
Jonah Frank King and Mother Dana Bash

Jonah Frank King Net Worth

This young boy has not stepped into any professional work yet. So, he doesn’t earn on his own. He does not have any form of wealth to his name. As a child, he is dependent on his parents for all of his basic needs. His parents, John King, and Dana Bash have a net worth of approximately $1 million- $7 million.

Jonah Frank King’s Parents

Jonah Frank King is still growing and is most likely focusing on his education rather than building a career. His parents, however, have had a successful career. Although both of his parents are no longer together, they remain popular figures in society.

Jonah Frank King Parents
Jonah Frank King Parents

Jonah Frank King Mother

Born Dana Ruth Schwartz, she is an American journalist, news anchor, and CNN’s main political correspondent. She first joined CNN as a producer of their weekend programs such as Inside Politics, Evans & Novak, and Late Edition. After a while, she started producing programming specialized in the coverage of the United States Senate. Furthermore, she was part of the women honored during Elle magazine’s 2014 event themed “Women in Washington Power List.”

Dana Bash was the host of the 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate in which Kamala Harris was noted for making the infamous “that little girl was me,” statement to Joe Biden.

Jonah Frank King's mother is Dana Bash
Dana Bash

Jonah Frank King Father

Jonah Frank King’s father, John King, has also had a stellar career so far. He began as a writer with the Associated Press in 1985 before becoming the chief political correspondent, heading the AP’s political coverage of presidential elections between 1992 and 1996. His coverage of the Gulf War in Kuwait earned him a top reporting prize from the Associated Press Managing Editor’s Association in 1991.

Jonah Frank King's Father, John King
John King/CNN

John King joined CNN in 1997 and has served as the senior White House correspondent between 199 and 2005. He was named CNN’s chief national correspondent in 2005 and still holds the position till today.

King has anchored the Sunday Morning news program Inside Politics since 2014, among many other appearances on other programs. He received widespread praise after the 2020 United States Presidential election for his coverage of the event.