Full Name: José Trinidad Marín

Birthdate: February 15, 1964

Birthplace: The United States of America

Known for: Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband

Family: Jenni Rivera (Ex-Wife), Chiquis Rivera (Daughter), Jacqie Campos (Daughter), Michael Marin (Son).

Who is José Trinidad Marín?

José Trinidad Marín, known as Trino Marin, is Jenni Rivera’s first husband. The late Jenni Rivera (Dolores Saavedra) was an American singer, songwriter, actress, spokesperson, philanthropist, television producer, and entrepreneur. Jenni was famous for her work in the Regional Mexican music genre, especially in Banda, Mariachi, and Norteno. Trinidad Marin came to the spotlight after marrying singer Jenni Rivera.  Jose Trinidad Marin sexually abused his daughters, Chiquis and Jacquie Rivera, as well as his sister-in-law, Rosie, when they were still children.

Ex Husband Jose Trinidad is Jenni Rivera's Ex Husband
Jenni Rivera


Trinidad Marin was born on February 15, 1964, in the United States. He is from a Christian home and is of mixed heritage. He is of Mexican origin and was raised in the United States. His parents moved from Mexico to the United States. He met his wife while they were in High School. Much of his life before he met the late singer Jenni Rivera is unknown.

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José Trinidad Marín Career

Jenni Rivera’s ex, Jose Trinidad Marin, did several odd jobs to survive when he and Jenni Rivera met and had children. He later found a job as a restaurant manager, meaning he started living more comfortably. Jose advised Jenni not to go to college but instead become a stay home mom with their children and family. However, Rivera did not agree with him. Unfortunately, this escalated into physical abuse from Jose.

Jose Marin Relationship and Children

Jose Marin Personal life and marriage to Jenni rivera

Trino Marin got married to Jenni Rivera in 1984.  Jose Trinidad Marin was only 20 years old when he got married to Jenni Rivera, and she was only 15. His now ex-wife Jenni was already expecting her first child at the time of their marriage.

They gave birth to a daughter named Chiquis Rivera (born June 26, 1985). Despite being a teenage mom, Jenni took the pressure of high school very well and completed her education on time. After a few years of their first child, the couple announced the arrival of their second daughter Jacqueline (born on November 20, 1989). Later in September 1991, Rivera announced her third pregnancy. Michael is Trino’s youngest kid. Unfortunately for Jenni Rivera, her marriage was full of continual abuse from her husband. He not only physically assaulted her but sexually abused her sister, Rosie and their two daughters.

Jose Trinidad and wife Jenni Rivera got pregnant while still in high school
Chiquis and Mom Jenni Rivera

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera Divorced

Singer Jenni Rivera finally decided to call it quits after years of mental torment from Trino Marin. She filed for divorce in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t finalized until 1992. Jenni Rivera was handed custody of all her three children. Jose also moved on after his divorce from Jenni and started a new life in Riverside County.

Jenni Rivera initially indicated she divorced Trino Marin because of the physical and mental abuse she suffered. She didn’t find out about the abuse and scandal by her ex-sexual husband Jose Trinidad until 1997, several years after the divorce.

They gave birth to a daughter called Chiquis and another daughter called Jacqueline
Chiquis and Jacqueline Rivera

Sexual Abuse and Dispute in Jose Trinidad Marin Family

After her divorce from Trino Marin, singer Jenni Rivera continued dating, but one of the most defining moments of her life occurred when she discovered that her 43-year-old husband, Trino Marin, had molested his own kids; daughter Chiquis Rivera and his younger daughter Jacquie when they were both little girls, as well as her sister, Rosie Rivera.

Besides his reputation as a spouse of celebrity, Jose crossed his lines with Jenni’s younger sister. In 1997, Rosie came forward and confessed to Jenni Rivera that her ex-husband Jose Trinidad Marin abused her sexually and was now doing the same to his daughter Chiquis. Subsequent physical examination showed he’d abused her younger sister Jacqie Marín as well.

The Trial of Jose Trinidad Marin

The trial was a tumultuous time for the entire family. Jenni admitted that it had been difficult for her and the family, but she was determined not to give up because she wanted to be an example for every woman in similar situations. She said the following during the judicial process:

“Yes, we had to revive things that we had already buried, but I think it is necessary for a full recovery, my mission is to help other people who have gone through the same thing.”

The case was opened in 1997, and Trinidad Marín spent about 9 years as a fugitive before he was arrested in April 2006 and convicted of rape and sexual assault. In May 2007, José Trinidad Marín was found guilty of 6 out of 9 counts and sentenced to 31 years imprisonment without parole. He was also charged for mistreating his ex-wife Jenni. He has requested for a reduced sentence and that he be freed on account of good behaviour on two occasions, but it has been rejected, so he remains in prison. While describing the first time she was abused, Rosie Rivera, a victim of her brother-in-law, revealed during an interview with Univision that he had come in and asked if she wanted to play “love games.” He then began to kiss her neck and touch her “where no one had touched.”

According to another source, Trino Marin once molested a staff in the restaurant he managed, which was why he got fired. During his sentencing in the Long Beach Superior Court, Trino Marin did not make eye contact with his daughter and other family members, although there were various attempts to speak to him directly. When he was asked if he wished to say anything, he shook his head, saying, “No.”

Chiquis Rivera On Her Father’s Sexual Abuse

Chiquis Rivera, for one, said that her father sexually molested her when she was between the ages of 8 and 12.  In an interview, the singer recalled the incident, and it was clearly a difficult topic for her to talk about.

She said she was eight when it happened. Her aunt was cooking fish soup, and they were all buried in the sand. Trino Marin told her to go take a shower, and he walked in while she was bathing. He put her on his lap while naked and began to molest her. 

Chiquis said she was aware that it hurt at the time, and she was perplexed. Trino instructed her not to tell anybody, even threatening to send her to his mother (Chiquis’ grandmother), and she would never see her mother (Jenni) again if she said anything. She also claims to have forgiven her father.

Jenni Rivera Death

On December 9, 2012, late singer Jenni Rivera died alongside six other victims, died in a ghastly plane crash after a concert at the Monterrey Arena in Nuevo León. The plane was en route to Toluca for an appearance by Jenni Rivera on La Voz … México.

That is all on the biography of Jose Trinidad Marin.