Full Name: Katie Sigmond

Birthdate: 2nd August 2002

Birthplace: United States

Known For: Famous TikTok Star and Model.

Family: Not much is known about the identity of Katie’s family, but she has a brother and her sister is named Hailey Sigmond.

Who is Katie Sigmond?

Katie Sigmond is an American social media influencer and content creator. Born on 2nd August 2002, Katie Sigmond hails from Los Angeles, California, United States. She shot into the limelight through TikTok, where she posted dancing videos. In addition to her dancing skills and videos, Sigmond also entertains her fans with her comedic personality.

As a fitness enthusiast, Katie Sigmond strives to inspire her followers to exercise daily and maintain a healthy routine.

Apart from creating content on her TikTok account, she also posts videos on YouTube. Katie also joins in TikTok trends and posts relatable content. Each of her posts accumulates millions of views.

Katie is a multi-talented individual who aspires to become an established model. She continues to have modeling shoots and post her beautiful body on her social media pages, especially Instagram.

She also has her own e-commerce website where she sells her merchandise. Read on for her complete biography.

Katie Sigmond's official tiktok account

Katie Sigmond Childhood

Many people have wondered how old is Katie Sigmond. She was born on 2nd August 2002. Katie Sigmond is an American. Presently, there is not much information about her parents, but she has a sister named Hailey Sigmond and a brother whose name is also unknown.

Katie Sigmond was brought up in the Costa Mesa area along with her sister Hailey and brother. Since she was a kid, she has been quite passionate about modeling and acting. She also grew up playing soccer, which remains one of her favorite hobbies.

Katie Sigmond has followers on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube

Katie Sigmond Career

Like most teenagers today, Katie Sigmond started using social media early and out of curiosity. As she grew famous and her posts kept going viral, she began posting funny skits and jumping on trends to entertain her millions of followers. After establishing herself as a well-known TikToker, Katie Sigmond joined the popular social media house called, Not a Content House. Presently, she has over six million fans on her TikTok account. Katie’s sister, Hailey, is also popular on the TikTok app with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Katie Sigmond Early Life

She is also popular on Instagram, where she posts pictures related to beauty and fashion. She also uses the social media platform to show off her attractive physique. Unsurprisingly, Katie Sigmond’s Instagram account has grown and currently has more than two million followers. She posts videos on her self-titled YouTube channel, which was created on 9th October 2019. Although she is not very active on her YouTube channel, she has managed to gather over 60k subscribers.

Katie Sigmond Personal Life

Katie Sigmond credits her energetic online personality to her love for energy drinks and coffee. She also loves hanging out with her friends at the beach, which is unsurprising given she grew up in Costa Mesa, a place surrounded by beaches.

Katie Sigmond is an aspiring model. She is presently working towards establishing herself in the modeling industry.

Katie Sigmond Boyfriend and Relationship

Katie Sigmond dated her high school sweetheart Caden. However, they broke up. Surprisingly, she did not delete his pictures on her Instagram page despite breaking up with him. She likes to keep her personal life away from social media and as private as possible. Hence, the details of her split with Caden have not been revealed.

Katie Sigmond Boyfriend 1

She also dated Jeremy Hutchins, an Instagram and TikTok influencer. They dated for about three months before breaking up “maturely,” according to both of them. Presently, she does not seem to be dating anyone. However, she has posted some pictures kissing a man. In one of the posts, she captioned it: “the best night in a while??”. Although it seems like they are dating, Katie has not revealed his name or confirmed whether she’s single or dating. So, Katie’s boyfriend’s name remains unknown.

Katie Sigmond Net Worth

Currently, Katie Sigmond has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Katie Sigmond Body Measurements

As a fitness model, Katie Sigmond has kept a healthy and fit body shape. She has a curvy body figure. Her height is also about 5 feet 2 inches, and she weighs around 58 kilos. She has blonde hair and a striking pair of blue eyes.