Kristy McNichol

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Full Name: Christina Ann McNichol

Birthdate: September 11, 1962

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Sex: Female 

Status: Civil Relationship 

Known for: Acting, singing, comedy, film producer

Kristy McNichol, whose real name is Christina Ann McNichol is an American actress, singer, comedian and film producer. Her date of birth was on September 11, 1962. Kristy’s birth took place in Los Angeles, California where she grew up. She commenced her acting profession at an early age. Her role as child actress won her two Emmy Awards. This is her biography.

 At that early age, Kristy started her singing career. Her job as an actress did not last long. She retired in the late 1990s because she struggled with bipolar disorder. Kristy is known for the role she played as Angel in Little Darlings. Also, she is famous for the role she played as Polly in Only When I Laugh and Barbara Weston in Empty Nest.

Early Life 

Kristy’s early life began in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are James and Carolyn McNichol. James, Kristy’s father, who is Irish, was a carpenter. Kristy’s mother Carolyn is Lebanese. Carolyn does an extra job to support James. She works as Secretary, cosmetics salesperson, and did film extra. 

When Kristy was three, her parents divorced. This divorce led to Kristy living with her mother. When Kristy was six years old, she began appearing in commercials with her brother. Her mother, Carolyn, was their manager.


We don’t know much about Kristy’s education but what is known is that she appeared with Jimmy, her brother, in commercials. Kristy advanced to performing on her own, and she appeared in Starsky & Hutch. She also appeared in Bionic Woman, The Love Boat, and American Style. 

They cast Kristy as Letitia in the 1976 television drama series Family. Also, they later selected Kristy for the Emmy Award which was for the Best Supporting Actress. Kristy won Emmy Awards in 1977 and 1979. Aside from that, Kristy performed several musical numbers in a TV special The Carpenters at Christmas in 1977. 

Also, in 1978, Kristy and Jimmy dived into music, and they recorded the Album Kristy and Jimmy for RCA Records. One of its singles “He’s So Fine” reached number 70 on the Billboard chart. Again, in 2978, McNichol played with Jimmy in another Carpenters’ Holidays Special. In her time, Kristy was one of the famous teen stars. 

Her appearance on talk shows such as The Mike Douglas Show and Dinah was memorable. She also made numerous appearances on Battle and other shows supported by celebrities. Kristy McNichol started her career in Black Sunday in 1977. The scene was later cut short, and she went on to star in The End. 

The End is a black comedy that features Burt Reynolds and Sally Field. Kristy also played in Little Darlings, a film that starred Tatum O’Neal, Cynthia Nixon, and Matt Dillon. She also appeared with famous actors like Dennis Quaid and Mark Hamil in The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.

 Kristy received a massive salary for this role which was unlikely for a teenager. Also, Kristy went on to appear in Only When I Laugh. She was picked for the Golden Globe Award for the Best Supporting Actress for this role.

Other Entertainment Roles


Aside from acting, Kristy enjoys singing. She gained some popularity as a singer, and she performed on several television shows and tv specials. Kristy even recorded “He’s So Fine” with her brother Jimmy in 1978. 


They nominated Kristy for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress. It is because of her action in The Pirate Movie. Also, she received four Emmy Awards nominations, and two Award wins for her work on the Family. 

She also collected an Outstanding Continuing Performance because of the role she played as the Supporting Actress in 1977. In 1979, she won the Emmy Award for Family. She also won the People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Young Motion Picture Actress”.


Kristy’s list of films she appeared in includes The End -1979, Like Mom -1978, Summer of My German Soldier -1978, My Old Man -1979, and Little Darling -2980. She also appeared in Blinded by the Light -1980, The Night Light Went Out in Georgia 1982, Only When I Laugh -1981, White Dog -1982, and The Pirate Movie -1982. 

Aside from those, she appeared in Aladdin and the Magic Lamp -1982, Just the Way You Are -1984, Love, Mary -1985, Dream Lover -1986, Women of Valor -1986, You Can’t Hurry Love -1988. Kristy also starred in Two Moon Junction -1988, The Forgotten One -1989, Children of Bride 1990, Baby of the Bride -1991 and Mother of the Bride -1993.


For a long time, Kristy has kept her sexuality undisclosed. In 2012, she shared some personal information about her sexuality to the media. Then she disclosed that she is a lesbian.

kristy Mcnichol disclosed she is a lesbian

 Kristy hopes that her acknowledgement of lesbianism will help others who are like her. She probably did that because they discriminated against her because of her sexuality when she was growing up. Kristy lived with her partner Martie Allen.

 Life Outside Acting

Kristy retired from acting in June 2001. She perpetrated this because of her bipolar disorder.  Her fans were disappointed, but Kristy hoped that they would understand what she was going through. When Kristy retired, she started teaching acting at a private school in Los Angeles, California. Till date, Kristy devoted much of her time to doing charity.