Manny Montana is an American actor known for his role in Graceland, Power and Good Girls. Montana was born in Long Beach, California and attended California State University, Sacramento, but quit before finishing from California State University with a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. Manny has appeared in Cybergeddon as Frank Parker, Graceland as Joe Johnny Turturro and Grimm as David Florez. Here is his biography.

Name: Manny Montana,

Born: September 26, 1983,

Place of Birth: Long Beach, California, USA

Nationality: American,

Ethnicity: Mexican American,

Occupation: Actor,

Education: Journalism and Broadcasting.

Early Life

Manny Montana was given birth in Long Beach, California, where he grew up. Not much is known about Manny’s father and mother. His ethnicity is Mexican-American, and he holds an American passport. Montana has two younger brothers, aside from his parent. Manny Montana grew up in Long Beach, where he attended Jordan High School. After graduating from Jordan High School, he moved to Sacramento. Manny got a football scholarship to the State University, Sacramento. 

He quit the university as a result of an arm injury, and after he dislocated his shoulder eight times. He then studied Journalism after quitting the university in Sacramento. Manny transferred to State University, Long Beach, to study Journalism and Broadcasting. While Manny was in the university, he worked as a DJ in the radio station. This landed him an intern position at the radio station Power 100.3. While he was in the university, Manny Montana participated in lots of student films. 

He later began pursuing acting professionally and landed a role in the low budget film East L. A, which was produced in 2008. After his role in this low budget film, Manny made several guest appearances in movies like Terminator and The Chicago Code. During his youth, Manny Montana has a passion for football and acting. He pursued his acting career.

Education in California State University

Manny Montana has a university degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, which he got from the State University in Long Beach. Before that, he was given the scholarship to study in Sacramento, which he eventually quit due to an arm injury.

Early Career

Manny Montana

While he was in the university, Manny Montana acted in numerous student films. This gave him more experience to guest star in single episodes of various television series. In 2012, Manny was cast as Johnny in Graceland, while in 2015, he appeared in Blackhat as Lozano. 


The Graceland film is an American drama television series that was created by Jeff Eastin. The drama series premiered on the USA Network on June 6, 2013. The drama series is about a group of undercover agents from different USA law-enforcement agencies. The agents are from the DEA, the FBI and ICE. They all lived together in a confiscated beach house they called “Graceland”. Manny Montana was an FBI agent in that film. 

Speaking about his role in the drama series, Montana said that “Being cast on a regular procedural, where everything gets wrapped up by the end of the episode, was always a fear of mine because that does not test you as an actor. Playing somebody different every week on the show is a great experience. I love my co-star, and it was fun working with them”.


Blackhat is an American thriller film produced and directed by Micheal Mann in 2015. The film starred Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wang Leehom, Tang Wei and Holt McCallany. In the film, Montana appeared as a wanted criminal called Lozano. Manny auditioned for the lead role but received a supporting role instead. Aside from Blackhat, Manny has been a member of the main cast of Good Girls as Rio.


ER is an American medical drama TV series created by Micheal Crichton. The TV series aired on NBS from 1994 to 2009 and has a total of 331 episodes and 15 seasons. The medical drama series was produced by Constant C Production and Amblin Television, along with Warner Bros. Television. The medical drama series followed the life of the emergency room (ER) of a County General Hospital in Chicago. Manny Montana played the role of a football orderly in the series. He was a guest star in the film.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Manny Montana also appeared in this film as a guest star, in which he played the role of Hector. Terminator is an American science fiction television series that aired on Fox from 2008 to 2009. The TV series was produced by Warner Bros. Television and C2 Pictures. The film revolved around the world of the fictional character Sarah and John Connor and focused on a machine that kills people. Guest star.

Other movies that Manny Montana appeared in are Detached as Manuel Sabatar, Lie to Me as Dax, Raising the Bar as Romeo Vasquez, Manuel Sabatar in Detached in IMDB. Rosewood as Marcos Villa, Blackhat as Alonzo Reyes, Graceland as Johnny Joe. He played the main cast in Conviction. Also, he played David Florez in Grimm. Plays.

Personal Life

Manny Montana is married to Adelfa Marr, with whom he has one child.