Marcella Samora is a social worker and the mother of the late singer Selena Quintanilla. She is presently managing The Selena Foundation. Marcella is also the wife of a former military man, and singer Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Marcella Samora is known for his enormous hits such as Los Dinos and Costa Esta Copa. Here is her detailed biography to give a full insight into who she is. 

Marcella Samora Bio

Full name: Marcella Samora

Date of birth: July 17th, 1944

Place of birth: United States 

Nationality: American 

Ethnicity: Mexican American and Cherokee Indian

Gender: Female 

Famous for: Being Selena’s mother 

Hair colour: Blonde 

Eye colour: Brown 

Zodiac sign: Cancer 

Marital status: Married 

Spouse: Abraham Quintanilla Jr.

Children: Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, Suzette Michelle and Selena.

Marcella’s Age

The mother of Selena Quintanilla, Marcella Samora, was born on July 17th, 1944. Marcella Samora age is 77 as of 2021.

Early Life 

 Marcella was born in the United States to a Texan father and a Coloradan mother. She is of Mexican American and Cherokee Indian descent. A little is known about Marcella’s early life and education, but she spent her early life in Washington. Marcella Samora came into the limelight to be Selena’s mother.


Marcella and her husband

Marcella Samora is still married to the love of her life Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Quintanilla jr. is a singer and music producer known for his great hits such as Los Dinos and Costa Esta Copa. Selena’s mother, Marcella Samora, met Abraham Quintanilla Jr. in 1961 while still serving in the military base Lewis-McChord, near Tacoma. At the time, Marcella was living in Washington while Abraham was still serving in the military. Marcella Samora and Abraham jr courted for two years and eventually married in a private wedding in 1963. 


On December 13th, 1963, Marcella and Abraham welcomed their first child, Abraham Quintanilla III. After their son’s birth, they moved to Abraham’s hometown, Corpus Christi. Four years later, on June, 29th 1967, they welcomed their eldest daughter Suzette Quintanilla. 

On April 16th, 1971, four years after Suzette Michelle was born, the couple welcomed another daughter, Selena Quintanilla.  She was born at the Freeport Community Hospital. At her birth, the family had already moved to Lake Jackson, Texas. Quintanilla Jr. had also left the music business and was doing regular jobs to provide for his family.

Who is Marcella Daughter, Selena ?

Marcella's youngest daughter

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer. She is also a songwriter, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress, and fashion designer. She is the last child and youngest daughter of Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla. Quintanilla was also the wife of Charles Perez. 

Her Career 

Selena is a singer, actress, and fashion designer. Selena took after her father; she developed a passion for music at a young age. Her parents supported Serena’s passion by establishing a career in music. Marella’s daughter Selena was able to also venture into entrepreneurship. Her fans greatly loved Selena and referred to her as the “Queen of Tejano music.” Sadly, Selena passed on, on March 31st, 1995, at 23.

How Did Her Daughter Die?

Selena Quintanilla Perez death came as a shock to her family and fans. The young singer’s life was cut short at the age of 23. Yolanda Saldivar murdered Samora’s daughter Selena. Yolanda Saldívar is a self-proclaimed fan of Selena Quintanilla and was well known by Selena’s parents. Yolanda asked to set up a fan club for Selena and was permitted to set up the fan club by Selena’s father in 1991. She was also the fan club’s president. Three years later, in 1994, Yolanda was made the manager of Selena’s boutiques. It was later discovered that Yolanda had embezzled funds from the fans club and boutique. When she was confronted, Yolanda purchased a gun and lured Selena into a motel room. It was in the motel room that Yolanda shot the young singer. Selena was rushed to the hospital but died on arrival at the Corpus Christi hospital.

What happened to her Daughter’s Killer?

 Selena’s killer, Yolanda, was charged with murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. She has been serving a life sentence since 1995 at a prison in Texas. 

What happened to Marcella after her Daughter’s Death? 

Selena’s family was devastated after her daughter Selena died. Samora ensured That her daughter’s killer did not go unpunished.  Marcella Samora got justice for Selena when Yolanda was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

The Selena Foundation 

After Selena’s death, her parents worked hard to keep her legacy alive. With the help of Selena’s husband, Charles Perez, they set up The Selena Foundation. It aims to help children in need. Marcella Samora still manages the foundation. She has kept her daughter’s legacy alive through the proper management of the foundation. 

Event After her Daughter’s Death 

In 1997, the singer was portrayed by Constance Marie. That same year, the upcoming Netflix series Seidy Lopez featured the singer. 

The Award

After her death, the late singer was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November 2017.  Selena’s family was present at the award. Chris Perez, Suzette Quintanilla, Abraham Quintanilla, Marcella Samora, Abraham III attended the event honouring Selena with an award. 

What is Marcella’s Family Currently Doing? 

Marcella Samora and her husband Abraham Quintanilla are both alive. They have chosen to maintain a low profile since their daughter’s demise. Selena’s family now manages the Selena Foundation and her businesses as well. 

However, Marcella’s husband Abraham Quintanilla jr and his son continue to produce music. He was responsible for producing and songwriting Como la Flor, Amor Prohibido, and No Me Queda Mas. The musical group Selena y Los Dinos could not survive after the singer’s death. But it remains a big part of the family’s lives.

Marcella’s Net worth? 

We have no information regarding Marcella Samora’s net worth. Marcella Samora has not disclosed her wealth publicly, so it is difficult to tell her worth. At her death, Selena’s net worth was $5 million. On the other hand, her husband, Abraham Quintanilla Jr, is  $10 million. Their family has been successful in the entertainment industry.