Full Name: Michael Earl Schoeffling
Birthdate: December 10, 1960
Birthplace: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Sex: Male
Status: Alive
Known for: American Actor and Model
Family: Valerie Carpenter Bernstein (Wife), Matt (sibling), Tom (sibling)

Michael Schoeffling is best recognised for his roles as Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, Al Carver in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, Kuch in Vision Quest, Joe in Mermaids, and Matt in Sylvester in the United States. He is another of those actors who has opted to leave the industry after only a few years.

In the absence of film opportunities, he decided to dedicate his efforts to a different profession: creating furniture, in order to take care of his family. Michael Schoeffling resides with his family in Pennsylvania and avoids the spotlight. His fans, on the other hand, haven’t forgotten him.

Michael Schoeffling is a well-known actor who peaked in the 1980s. It was at this time that character-driven films were beginning to gain traction in the movie industry. As a result of this, Michael is regarded as one of the most influential actors in the history of the entertainment industry.

Michael Schoeffling is best remembered for playing Jake Eyan in the famous 1980s television series “Sixteen Candles.” Because of his innate acting abilities, his character in the show was fantastic. It resembled him to an exact degree.

However, he has kept a low profile in the entertainment world, eventually leaving the Hollywood business in 1991. Michael hasn’t been on the big or small screen ever since.

Michael Schoeffling was particularly well-known not only for his acting abilities but also for his amazing and gorgeous physique. In fact, he was ranked 22nd on Teen Magazine’s list of the 1980s’ Biggest Hunks.

“Slaves of New York,” “Racing with the Moon,” and “Mermaids” are some of the films in which he appeared. These films demonstrate Michael’s ability as an actor, not just because of his skills, but because of his love for the craft.

Early Years

Michael Schoeffling was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1960. He did not, however, grow up there, having spent the majority of his boyhood in southern New Jersey.

He had a peaceful and happy upbringing because he had the physical and psychological support of her parents.

Schoeffling Michael in sixteen candles
Schoeffling Michael in sixteen candles

Michael Schoeffling’s career began in a unique way, as he did not begin as an actor. Rather, he began his career as a wrestler.

He was exceptionally skilled at it, as evidenced by the multiple medals he got after competing in multiple national and international events. Michael Schoeffling has even won a gold medal for his outstanding performance in freestyle wrestling.

Michael Schoeffling Modelling

His popularity expanded, as a result, allowing him to change careers and enter the acting industry. In the blockbuster film “Sixteen Candles,” he made his acting debut. There, he portrayed Jake Ryan, one of the film’s key protagonists.

His performance in that film was very exceptional. This rapidly elevated him to international acclaim, not only in the United States but also around the world. He was also able to improve his talents and expand his contacts and connections in the movie business as a result of this.

“Slaves of New York,” “Mermaids,” “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” “Let’s Get Harry,” “Racing with the Moon,” and “Vision Quest” are some of his other Hollywood classics. These are only a few of his most well-known films; there are many more.

Due to the time commitments of acting, Michael eventually decided to give up his acting career in order to devote more time to family and other pursuits.

He quit the industry for good as a result of this, as well as a number of other factors. He subsequently took a break from performing and opted to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. According to the rumour mill, Michael has launched a business selling handcrafted furnishings.

What is Michael Schoeffling’s height?

Michael Schoeffling is charming not only because of his face and appearance but also because of his height. His six-foot-plus stature makes him a towering figure in the room.

Where did Michael Schoeffling study?

Michael Schoeffling attended Cherokee High School, according to records. It was also where he spent all of his high school years and received his diploma. The school location is in New Jersey. He also took acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City.

What are Michael Schoeffling’s biggest achievements?

Michael Schoeffling Wrestling

In his younger years, Michael Earl Schoeffling was a superb and well-known wrestler. He was, in fact, among the strongest and most elite wrestlers on the United States Junior Wrestling Team. He even took home a gold medal at the European Championships in Germany.

Who is Michael Schoeffling’s wife?

Michael Schoeffling and wife

Michael used the 1980s to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. As a result of this, he decided to travel to Europe to begin his new career.

It wasn’t just a place where he found his modelling career; it was also a place where he received the push in his personal life that he had always desired.

It was then that he met Valerie Robinson, his true love. Valerie Carpenter Bernstein worked with Zoli, a modelling agency, and was popularly known as Valerie Carpenter Bernstein.

They began to have mutual feelings for each other, which led to their dating. It won’t take long for them to tie the knot. The actual date of their wedding, however, remains unknown.

Their affection for each other led to the addition of a new member to their joyful family.

The couple currently have two children. Zane Schoeffling was born in 1989. They had their second child in 1991, this time a daughter called Scarlett Schoeffling.

Scarlett is a professional model, much like her mother was. They are blessed with both beauty and talent.

Scarlett Schoeffling

What happened to Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles?

Jake Ryan

Michael Earl Schoeffling, who starred as Jake in Sixteen Candle, has been out of the entertainment world for a while. But that wasn’t a bad decision for him. In fact, he’s glad he’s no longer in the industry since it means he can spend more time with his family and have more privacy.

He now resides in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, where he runs a profitable business that specialises in handcrafted furniture.

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How much is Michael Schoeffling’s net worth?

michael schoeffling woodworking shop

Michael Schoeffling, a former model and actor, is presently 58 years old and has a net wealth of roughly $500,000. However, because he now has a thriving handcraft furniture business, his personal wealth is likely to be larger.

Michael Schoeffling’s performance as Jake Ryan in the 1984 picture “Sixteen Candles” brought in a remarkable $23 million at the box office, which was a large sum at the time. It’s worth noting that the budget was a mere $6 million.

From 1984 through 1991, he worked in the entertainment industry.

He then retired at the age of 30, focusing on his woodworking and handicraft furniture manufacturing business.