Mike Majlak is an American YouTuber and author that become popular because of his affiliation with stars like Logan Paul, Lydia Kenney, and Woodruff Ayla. Aside from writing and making videos on YouTube Google, Mike Majlak is also the Marketing Manager of Lovesac. As the Marketing Director, Mike helps them promote their business to his millions of followers on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Here is his biography.

Name: Mike Majlak,

Born: January 13, 1985,

Place of birth: Milford, Connecticut, US,

Current residence: Los Angeles, California.

mike majlak

Early Life

Mike Majlak is an American author that was born in Milford, Connecticut, in the United States of American on January 13, 1985. Although Mike has become popular because of his association with big social media stars, little is known about his family.

Except that he has a father and mother. Mike’s mother’s name is Robin Majlak, while little is known about his father’s name.

Majlak has two sisters named Abby and Jill. The three siblings grew up in Milford, where they attended high school. Abby Majlak is Mike’s twin sister. At this time, Mike wasn’t famous, but when he started associating with stars, his fame grew.


Majlak later moved from his family to Los Angeles, where he attended Fordham University. As a student, Mike suffered from struggles with drug addiction. We were able to know this from his book The Fifth Vital, which he had published in 2020. Mike Majlak later dropped out of the University without completing his studies.


After dropping out of college, Mike began another career – writing blogs and making videos on YouTube. As a YouTuber and blogger, Majlak was able to reach many people who watched his videos. It was at this stage that Mike became an author, writing a book. Then he started writing blog posts for a company called The Essential foodies. The Essential Foodies is a cookbook that gives information about recipes, lifestyle, and health.

Photography career

In addition to writing blogs and doing things on YouTube for his fans to watch, Mike is also a photographer. Majlak photographic skills are evident from his Instagram posts. He is skilled at taking great pictures that helped boost his career. This is one of those careers that make Mike Logan famous.

Nice Guy Promotions

Mike Logan got a job with a company called Nice Guy Promotions inc, where he helped them promote their products to thousands of fans. After working with Nice Guy Promotion, he worked as the Marketing Manager of Lovesac.

Marketing Manager

Presently, Mike Majlak is a marketing director for an organization he did not name on his LinkedIn profile. At one stage in Mike’s career, he worked for Essential Foodie, writing about food recipes, lifestyles, and health. All this time, Mike Majlak grew his Instagram followership. Lots of his fans read his blog posts.

His Work with Logan Paul

Mike Majlak became popular when he collaborated with Logan Paul. Logan Paul, who is a YouTuber and an influencer, collaborated with Mike to make an interesting podcast – Impaulsive. Together, they host stars like Tyson, KSI, and Ben Askren. They also host lots of other podcasts.


mike majlak and his girlfriend

Aside from writing blogs and creating a podcast, Mike Majlak has another life. He had a girlfriend, Lana Rhoades. The two met in 2020 when Mike was with Logan Paul. Majlak is currently single because he separated from Lana recently after they threw allegations of cheating at each other.

Personal Life

Like most pet lovers, Mike loves dogs. At one stage of his life, Mike struggles with opioid addiction. This marked the start when he started experimenting with different drugs. Although the relationship starts well, Mike Majlak and Logan Paul have fallen apart.