Full Name: Natalie Dormer

Birth Date: 11 February 1982

Birthplace: Reading, Berkshire, England, UK

Sex: Female

Known for: English actress

Family: Gary Dormer (Father), Claire Richards (Mother)

Natalie Dormer is an extremely talented american actress.

She is well recognized for her appearance as Margaery Tyrell in the HBO series Game of Thrones. Because of her exceptional performance in the series, she earned a role in movies The Professor and the Madman, as well as Elementary.

She’s also appeared in the radio drama Neverwhere and movies The Counsellor and Also the Forest.

She’s also won two Gemini Awards in her career for being a talented actress.

Cate Blanchett, an Australian film star and film director, influenced the actress.

Her performance as Anne Boleyn in the historical fiction television series The Tudors garnered her international acclaim and prominence as a lead actress.

Most filmmakers and directors have praised her exceptional acting abilities in the movie and entertainment sectors. She was cast in Agatha Christie’s Marple and Silk, which aired on British ITV.

Early Life and Childhood

Natalie Dormer was born in Berkshire, England, to parents Gary Dormer and Claire Richards. Her father was a computer engineer, while her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

She was born and raised in the same household as her sister Samantha and brother Mark. Their parents instilled in them a deep Christian faith as Roman Catholics.

Natalie has been interested in acting since she was a child, and her parents encouraged her to pursue it.


Dormer attended Chiltern Edge Secondary School and was a part of the public-speaking team there. She was chosen because she excelled in communication during her time at the college.

Later, the star enrolled at Reading Blue Coat School, where she was named captain of the school’s netball team. Her acting talent was recognized by her parents, who put her in the Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

She became a regular member of the school drama department and was recognized for her great performance countless times.


Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer in Game of Thrones

Natalie Dormer made her first professional debut in the United Kingdom while performing The Comedy of Errors on Broadway. Working alongside Anthony Bryne, a well-known film director, in Casanova helped her break into the industry in 2007.

She was cast in the lead role of The Tudors that same year. She was also cast in a number of films, including Captain America: The First Avenger, Rush, Game of Thrones, The Professor and the Madman, and The Scandalous Lady W, to name a few.

Natalie Dormer movies and TV shows

She has been a standout performer in all of the films and television shows in which she has appeared. Since joining the film and entertainment business, she has realized many of her ambitions. The majority of the films in which she has featured in are among the best-selling in the United States.

Her performance as Cressida in the first and second installments of The Hunger Games: Mockingly sparked a lot of controversy among her followers. She had her hair cropped in the movie.

Most film fans were taken aback by Natalie’s new hairstyle, which she later revealed to be very comfortable with.

Since her debut in the film and entertainment sector, the celebrity has appeared in the following films:

2009City of Life
2012Electric Cinema: How to Behave
2013A Long Way from Home
2014The Riot Club
2015The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
2016The Forest
2018In Darkness
2019The Professor and the Madman
2020Pets United
Source: Wikipedia


2005Distant Shores
The Tudors
2012–2016Game of Thrones
2015The Scandalous Lady W
2018Picnic at Hanging Rock
2020Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Natalie Dormer’s husband

The actress dated Irish filmmaker Anthony Bryne from 2007 to 2018. The two sweethearts met on the set of the movie The Tudors.

The couple dated for four years and were engaged for seven years. The major reason for the couple’s breakup, though, is unknown. Unfortunately, problems erupted between them after they completed In Darkness in 2016.

During the summer of 2018, after New Statesman had promoted their film, Natalie and Anthony decided to part ways.

Thankfully, Natalie met David Oakes, a British actor who seemed to be the right match for her, in July 2019.

She has been tight-lipped about her new boyfriend. David is still working in the film and entertainment business, alongside his long-term girlfriend, with whom he hopes to marry.

Although the actress keeps her personal life private, she has revealed that the nine months she has spent with Oakes have been wonderful. After their marriage, the lovebirds anticipate sharing a home.

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Natalie Dormer net worth

The well-known actress’s contributions to the film and entertainment sectors have rewarded her with a decent wealth that she will be able to enjoy for the rest of her life. Her estimated gross net worth for 2022 is $8 million dollars.

Because she has no intention of quitting her job anytime soon, her fortune is likely to increase. With the help of other celebrities, she plans to pursue a successful acting career.

As a way of helping other people, the actress donates a portion of her income to charity. Natalie Dormer is a well-known British actress who has overcome numerous obstacles on her way to stardom.