Bio Summary

Full Name: Patrick Francis Labyorteaux

Birth-date: 22 July 1965

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Sex: Male

Status: Single

Known for: his acting roles as Ed Young in the 1991 comedy film Ski School

Born in July 1965, Patrick Labyorteaux is a famous scriptwriter, voice actor and television producer. He is also known as Laborteaux. He is famous for his acting stints as Andrew Andy Garvey in the television series Little House on the Prairie, JAG and NCIS, all produced by the National Broadcasting company. He also played the role of Mike Walker in American Crime Story.

Early life

Patrick Labyorteaux
Young Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux spent most of his childhood days in Los Angeles, California, USA. His parents are not known, as he was born in the mid-1960s. His adopted father is Ronald “Ron” Labyorteaux, who works as a talent scout and his adopted mother was Frances Marshall, an actress. At a young age, he was tagged ‘unadoptable’ by authorities at the age of nine because he was severely malnourished. His younger brother, Matthew Labyorteaux, was also adopted by the same couple in 1966. His sister, Jane Labyorteaux, was also adopted on the same date (1966).

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Life and career

As an American actor, Patrick Laborteaux has made appearances in several television series and movies. He is fondly remembered for his acting role in the popular NBC television series Little House on the Prairie, where he starred as Andrew Andy Garvey (1977-1981). Patrick also starred in the widely watched CBS television series JAG as Bud Roberts Jr (1999 to 2005).

Patrick Laborteaux also made an appearance in the spin-off of JAG, NCIS reprising his role as Bud Roberts Jr. He also made an appearance in other cinematic flicks like 21 Jump Street, Yes, Dear, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, The Love Boat, Icarly and Starsky & Hutch.

He has also served as a voice artist for animated flicks like Godzilla: The series and Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Patrick Laborteaux starred in the comedy movie Summer School in 1987 as Kevin Winchester. Popular actor Mark Harmon also starred in the film. He played the role of Ram Sweeney in the teen movie Heathers in 1987.

In 2016, Patrick Labyorteaux starred in the drama series American Crime Story as Mike Walker in the episode “100% Not Guilty”

Personal life

Patrick Labyorteaux is the husband of television writer Tina Albanese. They got married in 1998. The couple have one child, born in 2001, called Jeau Bennett Labyorteaux.

Fun Fact 

  • He is the sibling of Jane Laborteaux and Matthew Labyorteaux. 
  • Jeau Labyorteaux was born in July 2001 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. 
  • He is the co-founder of the Youth Rescue Fund, founded in 1992. The foundation helps runaway youths and has raised more than 10 million dollars in funding. The organisation has set up youth shelters throughout the country. 
  • He secretly dated his wife while she was a producer on the television series JAG, until they both officially revealed their relationship status. 
  • The correct pronunciation of Laborteaux is “LAB-or-TOE”.
  • Together with his wife, Patrick Laborteaux produced the Nickelodeon Sitcom, See Dad Run.
  • He played the role of a child actor in the 1988 psychological drama movie Opening Night
  • His most popular acting role is Bud Roberts Jr  in the drama series JAG and NCIS.
  • In his personal life, Labyorteaux has suffered from malnutrition and he was adopted when he was 2 years old.
  • Labyorteaux’s character, Bud Roberts, was a military brat.
  • He starred in the political drama series scandals as Doug Morton.
  • One of his most famous roles was as Kevin Winchester in the 1987 comedy Summer School.
  • He played the voice role of Eugene “Flash” Thompson in the 1994 Spiderman animation.
  • In the 1987 comedy movie Summer School, he starred as a football player, Kevin Winchester
  • He made one of his guest appearances on iCarly as Wilson in the episode: “Find Lewbert’s Lost Love”

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Patrick Labyorteaux
  • Godzilla: The Series – Dr. Ted Hoffman
  • Only With Married Men – Peter West
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Bob Lenz
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – Bob Fences
  • This Is the Life- Eric Barrington
  • Spider-Man (1994) – Flash Thompson
  • Ghost Whisperer – Jeffrey Crockett
  • 21 Jump Street- Pvt. Jack Weaver
  • Castle – Glen Hume
  • Without a Trace – William Broeder
  • Rebel – Dr. Adam Loyton
  • Shazam! (1976) – Bill Sherwood
  • Starsky & Hutch – Richie Yeager