Full Name: Philip David Charles Collins

Birth Date: 30 January 1951

Birth Place: Chiswick, Middlesex, England

Sex: Male

Status: Divorce

Known For: Singing, Drumming, Songwriting, and Record Producing

Phil Collins also known as Phillip David Charles Collins is a singer, drummer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on 30 January 1951 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England. Phil Collins is a popular figure in UK music and has won many awards that boost his fame.

 Phil Collins is best known for the part he played as the drummer/singer when he was with Genesis. Also, his solo career is outstanding. Phil Collins stood out from the crowd and scored seven US number singles in his solo career.

 Atlantic Records noted that Collins’ entire sales in his solo career we’re 150 million. Collins biography presents an interesting fact that everyone should know.


phil Collins

Phil Collins grew up in West London, which is also where he was born. His Father Greville Philip Austin Collins and his mother are Winifred June Collins. Phil’s sister is Carole, and his older brother is Clive. Carole competed as a professional ice skater, while his brother is a reputable cartoonist. 

Greenville was an insurance agent while Winifred June worked as a theatrical agent. Collins Uncle gave him a toy drum kit as a Christmas gift when he was 5. Also, Collins’ uncle made a makeshift drum set that he enjoyed playing regularly. Starting from an early age of 5, Phil Collins played the drums.

 His parents gave him a complete set as he got older. It makes Collins able to practise regularly. He did this by playing along with the music. It makes him a better drummer and singer. At an early age of 5, Collins entered a Butlins talent contest singing Davy Crockett. 

And stopped the orchestra to tell them that they were playing the wrong key. As a teenager, Collins studied drum rudiments from Lloyd Ryan and Frank King. Collins, unlike other songwriters, did not learn to read and write musical notation. Instead, Collins utilised a system he created himself. It is a decision he regretted.

The Beatles influenced Collins music career. Also, Collins was influenced by Buddy Rich, who was a jazz and big band drummer. Buddy’s opinion on hi-hat made Collins stop using two bass drums and start using hi-hat. Collins established a band called the Real Thing while attending Country School for Boys.

 He put down his first song “Lying Crying Dying” when he joined the Freehold. Also, Phils finished drama school training at an early age. This training that he underwent made it possible for him to secure various roles as a young actor. 

Acting is not only his passion because he pursued music and built a robust music career. Collins entered Genesis in 1970 and became their drummer. In 1975, Phil became their lead singer after Peter Gabriel left Genesis. 

Family and Relationship

Collins married and divorced three times. First, Phil married Andrea Bertorelli, a Canadian-born lady in 1975. Both of them met when Collins was 11 years old in London drama school and married when they were 24 years old. They both had a son in 1976 called Simon Collins who grew up to be a vocalist and drummer.

 Phil and Andrea divorced in 1980. Collins married again in 1984. This time, he married Jill Tavelman, an American. Both of them had a daughter they called Lily Collins. In 1994, Phil openly stated that he is no longer in love with Tavelman and proceeded to divorce her. 

It is because the marriage encountered problems when Collins had an affair with Lavinia Lang. The divorce settlement Collins paid Tavepman was £17 million. Collins married again and this time to Orianne Cevey. She was a Swiss National whom Collins met on tour.

 Orianne Cevey and Collins had two sons Nicholas and Matthew. They detached in 2006 and divorced in 2008. Collins reunited with Cevey in 2016, and they were living together in Miami, Florida.


Phil Collins discography includes eight albums that have sold 33.5 million in the USA and 150 million worldwide. Phil received eight Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, one Academy Award, and a Disney Legend Award. In 1999, Phils received the Hollywood Walk of Fame and joined the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2010.

Phil Collins Songs

“The Roof Is Leaking”

Phil Collins wrote the song after his divorce with his first wife. During this turbulent time of his life, Phil went into his basement and spilt out his heartache into a series of demos that Phil bit with a machine drum. “The Roof Is Leaking” became the backbone of Face Value. 

“Don’t Lose My Number.”

It is another popular song by Phil Collins. The lyrics of the theme might seem like nonsense because they came from a stream of consciousness writing sessions. Phil’s career was on fire when he released the song because his solo disc No Jacket Required was selling widely.

“I Wish It Would Rain Down”

Collins’ song hit number three on the Hot 100 when he released it. Eric Clapton played the guitar as a favour for what Collins did when he helped him co-produced “Behind the Sun”.


This song flies to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. And tv and radio played it in 1985. It is one of the songs that Phil Collins is known. 

 “Another Day in Paradise”

This Collins song reached number in the 1980 and turns out hits after hits. Collins wrote the song track after he walked around Washington, DC and saw people living inboxes. 

 “Take Me Home”

This Collins song is about a mental home patient wanting to be set free from an institution. The song attained number seven on the Hot 100. Sting and Gabriel, Phil’s former bandmate, played backup vocals in the music.

Easy Lover” 

This Collins song reached number two on the Hot 100.

“I Don’t Care Anymore.”

The track reached number 39 on the Hot 100, but it remains one of Collins favourite solo songs.