Bio Summary

Full Name: Roseanne Park
Birth date: 11 February 1997
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Sex: Female
Status: Single
Known for: Membership in the K-pop girl band ‘Black Pink’

Roseanne Park: The Latest Biography

Popularly known as Rose, Roseanne Park is a K-Pop music star. Though she was born in New Zealand, Roseanne Park is a prominent figure in the South Korean music scene. In 2012, she clinched a record deal with South Korean entertainment company, YG Entertainment after a successful audition. In 2016, she emerged as the lead singer in K-Pop girl band, Blackpink. Roseanne Park also has a solo record with K-Pop star, G-Dragon. The song ‘Without you’ made waves in 2012, and charted at the k-pop Hot 100.

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Early life

Roseanne Park is 23 years old and has both New Zealand and South Korean citizenship. Her parents are South Korean and migrated to Australia in 2004. Roseanne Park is an alumnus of Melbourne’s all-girls secondary school, Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College. She was a member of church choirs, where she developed her singing skills and shortly became a pianist and guitarist.  

Advised by her father, young Roseanne Park decided to participate in an Australian audition for YG Entertainment, she impressed the judges and was given a record deal shortly after. Roseanne Park relocated to Seoul to start a music career. Though she was initially concerned about the distance and uneasiness of being a music star in a different country, she decided to try. 

Roseanne Park, in subsequent months, featured in popular K-Pop star, G-Dragon’s song ‘Without you’.  It was an uncredited feature, but the song became commercially successful. 

Roseanne Park: The Latest Biography

Blackpink and musical success

At the end of rigorous development and tutelage at YG Entertainment, she was unveiled as a member of K-Pop Band, Blackpink. The Band released their first album in 2016 titled Square One. The album has been streamed more than 1.5 billion times. The lead single ‘whistle’ topped the South Korean music chart in 2016.

Roseanne Park vocal artistry has received rave reviews by K-Pop musical critics. Her voice has a unique quality. She is regarded as someone worthy of emulation because of her beautiful voice. 

Roseanne Park has made a cameo appearance in musical talents television shows like Fantastic Duo and King of Masked Singers. She wowed the audience with her breathtaking vocal artistry. Her label, YG Entertainment, has revealed that Roseanne Park may go solo after Blackpink’s full-length album release. 

She has listed her inspiration as Taeyang and Tori Kelly. Roseanne Park mentioned that she fancied their style and achievements. 


Following the success of Blackpink, Roseanne Park and Kim Ji-soo were chosen as brand ambassadors of Asian cosmetics line Kiss Me.  Roseanne also modelled for Perfect World Mobile, a game produced by Perfect World Entertainment. She is also associated with French luxury fashion firm, Yves Saint Laurent. 

Together with Blackpink, she serves as brand ambassadors for a large number of global brands like Samsung, Kia Motors, ZEPETO, K bank, Pepsi, Shopee, Adidas, Paradise City and Mise-En-Scène. 


With close to 30 million Instagram followers, Roseanne Park is among K-Pop most popular faces on Instagram. She first made it to the Korean female celebrity brand reputation list in 2018. 


Together with Blackpink, Roseanne Park is a recipient of more than 45 awards, including Asia Artist Awards, Bravo Otto, BreakTudo Awards, E! People’s Choice Awards, Elle Style Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, Genie Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Hallyu K Fans’ Choice Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, Japan Gold Disc Award, Joox Thailand Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, Seoul Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Tencent Music Entertainment Awards and the V Live Awards. 


As a member of Blackpink, Roseanne Park has released nine songs. Square One, released in 2016, marked their first album. The two singles ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle’ were commercially successful, topping the Billboard Digital chart and South Korean chart respectively. Their album released in Japan, Blackpink Ep, sold more than 70,000 copies

Their 2018’s extended play, Square Up, topped the South Korean album chart and was commercially successful worldwide. One of the singles from the EP, Ddu-Ddu Ddu-Du, debuted at the Billboard Hot 100. Their collaboration with Dua Lipa, a popular songstress, pushed them further to global recognition.

In 2019, Kill this love was released for streaming and physical purchase. The EP sold more than 200,000 copies in less than a week in Korea. Their 2020 single, How you like that made a chart appearance on America’s Billboard and South Korean charts, topping the latter. They further collaborated with American music stars like Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, pushing them further prominence. Their collaboration with Lady Gaga sour candy topped Singaporean and Malaysian chart while peaking 33 on the US Billboard chart.