Sunny Sandler is an American child actress and movie star that has appeared in several movies. She is the youngest daughter of Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler. This talented kid actress is famous for her role in the movie Jack and Jill. Here is her biography.

Name: Sunny Sandler,

Born: November 2, 2008,

Parent: Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler,

Occupation: Actress.

Sidling: Sadie Madison Sandler.

Early Life

Not much is known about Sunny Madison Sandler’s early life and the Sandler family, except that she is exposed to acting from an early age. Her parents, Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler are no strangers to the screen. Her father, Adam Sandler, is a comedian, while her mother, Jackie, is an actress. The role they played in Sunny Sandler’s life helped her prepare for her acting career. As Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sunny has the privilege of accompanying her father to several comedy shows. She was born on November 2, 2008, in the United States of America, where she grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has an older sister Sadie Madison Sandler. Sunny played in several movies along with her father and mother. She appeared in one of her father’s movies, Grown Ups 1 and 2; also, she has appeared with actress Sadie Sandler. In 2009, Sunny Sandler was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Celebrity Baby. Still, she lost it to Marie Warren, the daughter of actress Jessica Alba and film producer Cash Warren. Aside from that, Sunny Madeline Sandler has played in several movies. 

Early Career

Sunny Sandler

As the daughter of actors Adam and Jackie Sandler, Sunny Madeline Sandler has appeared in several films, including her fathers. She shared the screen with Adam Sandler and Kevin James as Pixels in Sweet Scout Girl. Aside from doing a screen role, she has done a voice role as baby Dennis in Hotel Transylvania 2. Sunny played in The Do-Over, portraying Lou’s daughter Daisy. She has also starred as Sandy Wexler.

Grown Ups

In Grown Ups, Sunny Sandler played the role of Sunny Tardio or Tardio’s daughter. Grown Ups is about a group of old buddies that reunite years later. It features a single man who drinks too much alcohol, a father that has three daughters he rarely sees. Also, there is an overweight and unemployed guy in Grown Ups. There is a successful Hollywood agent that is married to a fashion designer in the film. All these men shared something in common. They used to play basketball for the same team at high school. Now that their former coach has died, will the group reunite? Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sunny Adam, was in Grown Ups. Grown Up is a comedy movie directed by Dennis Dugan. 


Sunny Sandler has a minor role as a wall street stepdaughter in the movie Blended. In Blended, there is a recently divorced mom Lauren and a widowed Dad, Jim. Actress Drew Barrymore worked or played the divorced mom while Adam Sandler played the part of Jim. Their friends pushed them into a blind date that went wrong. After the dates, they wish they don’t want to see each other again. But later, they met when they purchased one-half of the same vacation package at a South African resort. They were forced to share the same suite and engage in many family activities together. 


Pixels is another movie that Sunny Sandler appeared in. The movie is directed by Chris Columbus, and it is a science fiction movie. The box office is good. In Pixel, aliens interpret a video feed of a game and misinterpret them as a declaration of war. As a result, aliens attacked Earth, using the game as models. Humans must use a similar strategy to defeat the aliens; that is why President Will Cooper recruits his childhood pal Sam Brenner. Adam Sandler played the role of Sam in the movie. Sam’s mission is to lead a team of old-school arcade players and military specialists to help save Earth. 

Hotel Transylvania 2

In Hotel Transylvania 2, Sunny Sandler played the role of Baby Dennis, the son of Andy Samberg. This Netflix movie is popular. The child actress and others make the movie interesting. Also, it is one of the most popular hit films. Sunny Sandler became a voice actress when she played a voice role in the film. Aside from this movie, Sunny appeared in Summer Vacation, Big Daddy, The Wrong Missy, Bedtime Stories, and Adam’s Netflix film Hubie Halloween. And as Jared Sandler in Did you know. And Saturday Night Live.

Jack and Jill

In Jack and Jill, Sunny Sandler starred with her father, Adam. This comedy movie is about an ads executive Jack and his twin sister Jill. Adam Sandler played the role of Jack in the film. Jill usually visits her twin brother Jack every Thanksgiving. But this time, they got on the wrong foot. The only way Jack will make it right is to invite Jill to stay through Hanukkah. Later, Al Pacino took a shine to Jill and Jack was forced to let her extend her stay. 

Sunny Sandler Personal Life

Although Sunny Sandler has worked in several movies with her father, little is known about her personal life. Also, not much is known about Sunny Sandler net worth, but her father Adam has more than $420 million. As a kid, Sunny Sandler voiced baby Dennis. Her parents, Adam and Jackie, live in Los Angeles, California, where they raised her and her elder sister Sadie. She was nominated for an award but lost it to Honor Marie Warren. Sunny Madison is growing up in the entertainment industry with her family, acting alongside her father and famous actors like Chris Rock and Jay Leno.