Full Name: Susan Marie Olsen

Birthdate: August 14, 1961

Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Sex: Female

Status: Alive

Known for: American actress and former radio host

Family: Lawrence Olsen (Father), DeLoice Olsen (Mother), Larry Olsen (Brother), Christopher Olsen (Brother)

Susan Olsen secured a spot in one of America’s most successful comedies before she reached eight years old. On The Brady Bunch, she starred as Cindy. That was her breakthrough role, and it continues to be among the reasons for her enduring fame. Olsen has achieved a lot more on and off the stage since the end of this episode.

Susan Olsen Brady Bunch’s accomplished performance is evidenced by her inclusion in the list of the 100 best child actors and actresses in film and television history. She was popular with the public, and she appeared in reunion films with the rest of the group. Susan Olsen is currently a radio host, painter, singer, and vocal performer, among other things.


Susan Olsen
Young Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen is the youngest of 4 children and was raised in Santa Monica, California. Her brothers, Christopher & Larry, also were child stars. She is, however, the only one that has stayed in the spotlight this far. Susan’s career began when she was cast in an advertisement for laundry detergent.

She clinched supporting roles in multiple films as a result of her performance. Years later, at the age of seven, she was cast in The Brady Bunch as Cindy, a role she played to the best of her ability. Her portrayal of the blonde-curly-haired little girl who was always snitching on her siblings is particularly memorable. Despite the fact that the show ended in 1974, Olsen’s career blossomed.

She’s done voiceovers, paintings, and is an animal rights activist in addition to acting.


Olsen made appearances in Ironside, Julia, The Trouble with Girls, and Gunsmoke before her moment of fame. Despite the fact that these were small roles, they helped her secure the role of Cindy Brady.

From 1969 through 1974, The Brady Show aired on NBC. A number of reunions and spin-offs have taken place after the show’s finale. Cindy Olsen appeared in The Brady Bunch Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married, The Brady Bride, and The Bradys as an actress and voice actor. She did not appear on A Very Brady Christmas, though, because she was on her honeymoon at the time. She appeared on the HGTV reality show A Very Brady Renovation in 2019.

Susan Olsen was the ambassador for Marx Toys’ Sindy doll when she was a youngster. In the 1970s, Marx Toys was among the most popular toy makers in the country. Years later, she penned an interesting memoir about her time on television. The book, titled Love to Love You Bradys: The Bizarre Story of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, has images and interviews with the actors and crew of The Brady Bunch.

She’s also had a number of radio appearances since 1995. A Los Angeles radio station, KSLX, aired her first talk show. Sheena Metal and she co-hosted Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics in 2016. She was fired, though, after making homophobic insults during a fight with one of the show’s guests.

Olsen is a painter as well. Some of her most well-known works include Fluffart, The Art of Rescue, and Still Life. Still, life made reference to a homeless person who was slain in an encounter with the Fullerton Police Department.

It’s also important to note that Susan is an animal rights activist. She is a supporter of Precious Paws, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that shelters and adopts animals. She has also helped Petopia in the establishment of an animal rescue pet store. The revenues from her artwork are frequently donated to these charities.

Susan Olsen Son

Susan Olsen
Susan Olsen and son

Michael Markwell Olsen is the only child from Olsen’s second marriage. Michael was birthed in 1997 and has Asperger’s syndrome, which makes him somewhat autistic. The actress chose to stay out of the spotlight while raising her son. She praised stay-at-home mothers in an interview after describing herself as one.

Olsen has been married on two occasions, once to Steve Ventimiglia and again to Mitch Markwell. Susan Olsen is currently married to Colorado Springs-based standup comic Chris Fonseca.

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Susan Olsen’s net worth

Susan Olsen’s net worth is believed to be $2 million as of 2017, amid years of working on television and radio. It’s possible that this amount has changed as her career continues to flourish both on and off the American stage.

At such an early age, Susan Olsen became a famous face on American television. Her career has since evolved to include radio, the arts, and activism.