Anna is a 2019 spy movie that is written, supervised, and produced by Luc Besson. Luc Besson is a famous filmmaker known for making spy films. Anna was released on 21 June 2019 by Summit Entertainment in the United States and on 10 July in France.


The movie was produced for a wide variety of audiences, and it appealed to spy movie lovers. It features Anna (Sasha Luss), a young and beautiful Russian lady who doubles as a model and an assassin. Her journey began as a doll seller in the Russian market. 

In France As A Model

As is common of most models, Anna was sighted by a representative of a French advertising agency. She was later sent to Paris, where she would work for the agency. 

There she met her girlfriend. Anna’s beauty is irresistible, and she attracted Alex, a fellow compatriot who is a businessman. The businessman also sells weapons secretly. 

He was ready to go to bed with Anna when she suddenly terminated him.  Anna was given the task to terminate him as he was considered an enemy by the KGB. It was at this stage that the KGB entered the scene. 

Three years before, Anna lived with a boyfriend who abused her constantly. He can be seen arguing with Anna, pulling her hair, and throwing things in their apartment. Later, she was walking down a store and was forced into a Benz by her boyfriend and others. The gang kidnapped a man and tried to withdraw cash with his atm. 

The event turned around when police arrived and tried to arrest them. They shot back at the police and tried to escape in their Benz. This led to a high-speed chase, and then the car crashed. 

Anna, on returning home, found a man in her flat. The man shot her abusive boyfriend and offered her a way out of her predicament. She was offered one year of training and four years on the field. Also, she was told that she will be freed in five years.

Back to the present, Anna was shown in an interrogation room, being interrogated by the CIA. She was given the task to hit a target by her boss, who happens to be a woman. Into a club, she went with a gun that is not loaded.

It was shown in the movie how Anna was picked up unknowingly by the French model scout. He was in Russia looking for a model, and Anna was placed in his way, and he picked her. That is how she got to meet Alex, who is one of the investors in the firm she worked for.

anna in the movie

As A Russian Spy

The movie continued like that with Anna receiving assignments from a woman named Olga, who was her boss. Anna was the KGB killing machine. It was at this point in her life that Anna realized that she will not be freed after five years of working with the KGB. 

Anna was on a mission to eliminate a target when she was apprehended by CIA agents who have been watching her every move. She was offered a deal to work for them for three years, and they promised to let her go.

Lenny Miller, the head of the CIA agents, wants Anna to eliminate an enemy. The enemy had earlier executed a woman and sent her head to Lenny Miller. Lenny saw Anna as a means of getting back at him.

She refused and stated that she will work for the CIA for one year and will retire in Hawaii. That is how she found herself between the two groups. She readily accepted the CIA’s offer because she planned to free herself. She decided to play both the CIA and the KGB.

Anna eliminated Vassiliev, who happened to be Olga’s boss, and fought her way out of the KGB. After that, she then arranged to meet the CIA and KGB and traded information she got while working for both organizations. 

She was ambushed and killed by the KGB, and the CIA withdrew, thinking that she was dead. Later, it was shown that she used a body double to fake her death and escape. She planned this with Olga, who had discovered earlier that she was working for the CIA. 

Olga gained from Vassiliev’s death because she was next in and, and she occupied his office after his death. Anna left her a video of how Olga killed Vassiliev as evidence in case she tried to turn against her.