Full Name: Sir William Gerald Golding

Birthdate: September 19 1911 – June 19 1993

Birthplace: 47 Mount Wise, Newquay, Cornwall England

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased 

Known for: Novelist, Playwright, and Poet

William Golding whose full name is Sir William Gerald Golding is a British novelist who has written many novels in his name. Golding is also a playwright and a poet. Do not confuse William Golding with William Goldman who is also a playwright and a novelist. 

Williams Golding is well known for his novel Lord of the Flies which he published in 1954. Aside from the Lord of the Flies, Williams Golding published eleven other books during his lifetime. 

He has won many awards which includes the Booker Prize for the Rites of Passage. He died on June 19, 1993, at the age of 81. Williams Golding biography is an exciting one that you should read.


William Golding’s early life started when his mother gave birth to him in her mother’s house. Golding maternal grandmother’s house is at 47 Mount Wise, Newquay, Cornwall. At that time, they called his maternal grandmother house Karenza, which is a Cornish word that means Love in English. 

William’s father’s name is Alec Golding. He was a science master at the Marlborough Grammar School. Williams Golding attended the same school with his elder brother Joseph Golding. Golding’s mother ‘s name is Mildred. She was Cornish by ethnicity. 

Williams later left home in 1930 and went to Brasenose College, Oxford. He studied Natural Sciences for two years. The school later transferred William to English Literature. After reading for some time, Golding received his B.A with a Second Class Honours in 1934. 

He later published one of his poems with Macmillan and Co. After graduating, William worked as a schoolmaster instructing the student in the English language. He also coached student music at Maidstone Grammar School between 1938 and 1940. 

During his time teaching at the school, Golding tried to set up his students against each other. William claimed that it gave him inspiration for his first novel.

Writing Career

William Golding started writing his first novel while he was still a teacher. He wrote a story which he initially named Strangers from Within in 1951. Golding sent several publishing requests to several book publishers, and they rejected his proposal.

 Then in September 1953, Golding sent his manuscript to Faber and Faber. Their reader dismissed the document and described it as rubbish and dull. Later Charles Monteith, a new editor, asked for some changes to the novel. They later published the modified story Lord of the Flies in September 1954. 

Williams Golding moved to Bowerchalke from Salisbury 1958. There he and his fellow villager James Lovelock discuss the latter hypothesis that the living matter of the planet Earth functions like an organism. Golding made publishing success in 1961. This success enabled him to resign his job as a teacher at Bishop Wordsworth’s School. 

He then moved to the United States of America and spent the year as a writer-in-residence at Hollins College, Virginia. Later in 1979, Golding won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Darkness Visible. William also won the Booher Prize for Right of Passage in 1980.

 His success heightened when they awarded him the Nobel Prize for Literature. Aside from that, they made Golding a Knight Bachelor in 1988 because of his notable works in literature. 

William Golding Work of Fiction

William’s first novel Lord of the Flies described a group of boys stranded on an island. The stranded boys gradually reverted to savagery. Nigel Wiliams adapted The Lord of the Flies in 1995. His other novel The Inheritor which he published in 1955 described a new group of people who he identified as Homo sapiens sapiens. 

The group trumpet over a gentler race described as Neandertals by violence. Another of William’s novels, Pincher Martin which he released in 1956 recorded the thought of a sailor who was drowning. He released Free Fall in 1959, and the book described the emotion of a prisoner held in solitary confinement in a German military camp during World War Two. 

The Spire, another of Golding’s books which he published 1964 pursues the building and the near destruction of an enormous spire onto a medieval cathedral. Also, Williams Scorpion God consists of three novellas. The first novella set in prehistoric Africa hunter-gatherer band. 

At the exact time, the second and third set in an ancient Egyptian court and the court of a Roman emperor. Also, William published Darkness Visible in 1979 which described a terrorist group, a mysterious figure, and a paedophile teacher. Critics argued that William’s famous book Lord of the Flies is a reflection of how he saw the world.

 Golding saw the world and humans as evil because of the horror he witnessed in the world wars. William Golding was ranked by the Times as one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

Marriage and Family Life

Golding got married to Ann Brookfield in September 1939. Ann is an analytical chemist. Both of them had two children named David and Judith.

War Service

William Golding joined the Royal Navy in 1940. As a naval crew, William served in a destroyer which was involved in the pursuit of Bismarck, a German battleship. He joined in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.


william golding

Folding lived a quiet life with his wife Ann at their home in Cornwall. On June 19, 1993, Golding died of a heart attack. After his death, they released his finished manuscript for The Double Tongue posthumously.