Full Name: Zoe Laverne Pemberton

Birthdate: June 3, 2001

Birthplace: Indiana, United States

Sex: Female

Status: Singer

Known for: TikTok sensation

Family: Debbie Pemberton (Mother), Douglas Wright (Father)

Zoe LaVerne is a popular social media celebrity in the United States who is most recognized for her Tik Tok videos. She dances and uploads a wide range of clips, from lip-syncs to comedies. On her Tik Tok page, where she goes by the handle @zoelaverne, she has over 21 million followers.

Zoe Laverne

Early Years

The full name of the gorgeous starlet is Zoe Laverne Pemberton. Debbie Pemberton and Douglas Wright, her parents, raised her in Indiana, the United States.


Zoe LaVerne is 19 years old as of 2021. The TikTok celebrity was born on June 3rd, 2001. Gemini is her zodiac sign.


After her family moved to Franklin when she was eight years old, she enrolled in Franklin Community High School. This changed, however, once she became famous on Tik Tok at a tender age.

Her parents decided to homeschool her because her sudden stardom would make it difficult for her to maintain a regular school schedule.


LaVerne began her social media career when she was fifteen years old, around 2016. Music has always been a big part of the star’s life since he was a kid. Prior to Musical.ly’s acquisition and merger with Tik Tok in 2017, she had a main account on Musical.ly. The celebrity was shy at first and didn’t know what to post on her account.

This evolved over time, when she pitched the idea of streaming a video of herself singing. With time, the star began to use the platform to share make-up videos, lip-sync films, dance clips, and funny videos.

In her early years on the Tiktok, the singer faced a lot of backlash from her peers.

She was subjected to so much hatred and bullying that she decided to pursue private schooling from the comfort of her own home.

Zoe LaVerne’s Tik Tok career has progressed gradually over time. She uses social media to share amusing videos. One of the highlights of her career was when she insulted her own belly dance abilities. Throughout her career, the actress has partnered with a variety of celebrities in order to increase her fame.

Terin Sottile, a fellow muse, has worked with her on several projects. As a gesture of showing support for one other, the two swapped accounts for a day and uploaded content. This was good to Zoe because her account received increased traffic as a result.

Cody Orlove, a fellow social media celebrity, maintains a shared account with her. Cody Orlove and Zoe LaVerne dated for a while and published a variety of videos ranging from stunts to their regular lives as a pair. The channel has also been inactive for some time due to the fact that the two are no longer dating.

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What is Zoe LaVerne’s net worth?

As of 2021, Zoe LaVerne’s net worth is $300,000. Her work as a social media influencer is her principal income stream. She apparently gets $1,923.08 every week, which is a significant amount of money for a teen.

What is the name of Zoe LaVerne’s boyfriend?

Zoe Laverne

Her current boyfriend is Dawson Day. The two have been together for a few months and are rumored to be planning a baby together. Zoe’s love life has been marred by speculation that she was seducing younger boys. They’re both nineteen, though.

Zoe LaVerne’s height

The stunning actress stands 5 feet 3 inches tall (160 centimeters). Her body measurements are 32-23-32 inches, and she has a thin build. In terms of weight, the Tik Tok star is 49 kg (108 pounds).