Cristiano Ronaldo- The Interesting Stories Behind The Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and successful footballers in the world. From his humble beginnings in Madeira, Portugal to his current status as a global superstar, Ronaldo’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. In this article, we will explore the interesting stories behind the legend that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo and the myth of Albert Fantrau

The story suggests that had Fantrau taken his chance in front of goal, he would have been rewarded with a move to the club in question, rather than Ronaldo. He claims to have passed the ball to Ronaldo as he believed the future star was better than him and deserved his chance. Fantrau never made a career for himself in the game, but earned a lavish lifestyle through Ronaldo remembering that day and sharing his success with his former team mate in return for that square ball.

“I have to thank my old friend Albert Fantrau for my success,” “We played together for the same team” the quotes from the Real Madrid and Portugal star. When a scout came to see us he said, ‘Whoever scores more goals will come into our academy’. We won that match 3-0. I scored the first goal then Albert scored the second with a great header. But the third goal impressed everyone. “Albert was one-on-one against the goalkeeper, he rounded the goalkeeper and I was running in front of him. All he had to do was to score that goal but he passed it to me and I scored the third goal, so I got that spot and went to the academy. After the match, I went to him and asked him why? Albert said, ‘Because you are better than me’.”

Several years after, journalist went to Albert’s house, and asked whether the story was true. He confirmed it. He also said that his career as a football player finished after that match and he is now unemployed. “But where did you get such a gorgeous house, a car etc? You seemed to be a rich person. You also maintain your family…where is all from? Albert proudly replied; its from Cristiano.


2.Cristiano Ronaldo his free kicks: “This is the way i do it”

Rafael van der Vaart said: “One day after training, Cristiano took 20 balls and started practicing free kicks but none went in. I took one and it went in and told him ‘that’s how I do it.’ Come game day, we won a free kick and Cristiano hanged it top corner and told me, ‘that’s how I do it’.”

3. Ronaldo had to have a surgical procedure on his heart.

Ronaldo had to undergo heart surgery at the age of 15 or else he wouldn’t have been able to play in high-paced football matches like in the Premier League with an irregular heartbeat.

4. Ronaldo’s Traning Regimen

Ronaldo is famous for his intense and relentless training regimen, which seems to consume him regardless of his age. However, in addition to that, Ronaldo also has many other hobbies. He is extremely passionate about playing poker and his skills are not mediocre at all. He has competed with the best players on the planet.

5. Interesting Facts Behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s Name

Ronaldo’s father named him after his idol, Ronald Reagan – a former US president

6. “One day I will become the best player in the world and buy a bunch of Ferraris,”

Once Ronaldo was punished and had to take out the trash. At that time, he was a football academy player at Sporting Lisbon and his teammates teased him and started laughing. “One day I will become the best player in the world and buy a bunch of Ferraris,” yelled a furious Ronaldo.


7. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work

Ronaldo once auctioned off his 2011 European Golden Shoe, which he had worked hard to earn. He used all the money he earned to donate and build schools for children in Gaza, one of the world’s politically tense hotspots. Additionally, he also auctioned off one of his Golden Balls and supported the Make-A-Wish organization. That’s not everything he has contributed to world

8. The perfect life lesson Cristiano Ronaldo taught his son

“Did dad used to live here?”: This is the question asked by Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (Ronaldo’s son) when his father showed him a place associated with his childhood. Ronaldo’s childhood was difficult, he often hung out around a McDonald’s near his home and hoped someone would give him something to eat.

9. Ferdinand: “One time in Ronaldo’s house, there were 10 of his people in the same room”

“When I arrived at Cristiano’s house, I saw around 10 people in the living room. I asked him, ‘Who are they and why is it so crowded?’ Ronaldo replied, “He said, that’s my chef, that’s my physio, that’s the doctor and that’s my personal trainer”.- Rio Ferdinand. He left Man United as the best player in the world. He was on the right track. They have both invested huge money in having the right team around them for their body and mind to perform at the highest level consistently.

10. Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo saved brother Hugo Aveiro from drink and drug addiction

In 2014, Ronaldo assisted his older brother in overcoming alcohol and cigarette addiction.He promised his older brother that he would win the Champions League if his brother gave up those bad habits. We all know the result – Real Madrid’s emotional comeback stemmed from Sergio Ramos’ iconic header that defeated their city rival, Atletico Madrid.

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11. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Reveals She Tried to Abort Her Son in New Book

Ronaldo pictured with his mother, back during his spell at Manchester United

Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mother, has revealed that she tried to terminate her pregnancy with the Portuguese footballer. But in a candid autobiography entitled Mother Courage from his mother, Aveiro claims she came close to abortion, even resorting to her own plan when a doctor said no.

As per the Irish Independent:

“I wanted to abort but the doctor didn’t support my decision,” she admits in the book. She went on to explain she drank warm ale and “ran till she dropped” without achieving her aim.

12. The Power of Perseverance: Lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo

Once, Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand played table tennis alone and the result was that Ronaldo lost. At that time, Ronaldo was very sad. But later he asked someone to buy him a ping pong table. After two weeks of practicing at home, Ronaldo came back and beat Rio in front of everyone. Cristiano is that kind of person.

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13. Facts About Education in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life

Since childhood, Ronaldo has had no interest in studying. He never did homework and only cared about soccer. Ricardo (Ronaldo’s coach when he played for Andorinha FC) remembers this.
‘Ronaldo has an intense desire to win that surpasses anyone else’s, and when he loses, he cries a lot, so we call him “cry-baby.” – Ricardo Santos

14. Man United Star Once Threw a Chair at Teacher for Teasing Him About Poor Family

Ronaldo once threw a chair at a teacher whom he believed insulted him, resulting in his expulsion from school. He never regretted his actions and tried to prove that the teacher was wrong by training hard and dedicating himself to football. Many people say that the teacher teased Ronaldo about his Madeira accent.
15. Ronaldo once disguised himself as a homeless person on the streets of Madrid. Despite performing impressive skills, hardly anyone paid attention to him because of his appearance. This video has become very popular among Ronaldo fans and football fans in general.

16. The “Talented young winger” was Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2003, Arsenal, Liverpool and even Barcelona were interested in Ronaldo – now a potential winger. But a pre-season friendly between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United made Sir Alex determined to sign him. Finally Ronaldo joined MU and the rest is history.
“We must obtain his signature, we must have his agreement.”-Phil Neville spoke with Sir Alex after that game.

17. Cristiano Ronaldo does not have any tattoos

Ronaldo revealed in 2012: “I don’t have tattoos because I donate blood very often.” The 32-year-old is has been a blood – and bone marrow – donor since he was 24. Ronaldo first became a donor after being told by former international team-mate Carlos Martins about his son. Martins’ son needed regular blood and bone marrow transfusions and Ronaldo was quick to volunteer.

18. Ronaldo own the CR7 Museum

Ronaldo has a museum in his hometown of Madeira managed by his brother. In it is a huge collection of CR7 titles.

 The CR7 Museu in Funchal, the capital of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, is run by his brother. Photo: Business Insider

The CR7 Museu in Funchal, the capital of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, is run by his brother. Photo: Business Insider

19. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work

Ronaldo has a great philanthropic side and is involved in several charitable organizations. In 2015, he donated €7 million to the earthquake victims in Nepal.

20. The Best Goal Celebration

Top 5 most memorable Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebrations -

Ronaldo is known for his goal celebration, which involves him jumping into the air and doing a mid-air twist before landing. The celebration is known as the “Siiii” and has become synonymous with his name.

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