Interesting facts about well-known persons

 Rare Facts About Famous Celebrities

Biographypile will reveal to you Interesting facts about well-known persons that not everyone knows

Many of us love interesting stories and nothing is more fascinating than discovering fun secrets about movie stars or famous singers.

For example, did you know that Elton John’s real name is Reginald Dwight? Or did you know that Demi Moore had a lazy eye as a child and had to undergo corrective surgery? If not, read on because we will reveal to you 10 rare facts that not everyone knows about famous stars.

1. David Bowie has unique eyes.

Unequal Pupils and David Bowie

On January 10th, 2016, the world lost a music genius when David Bowie passed away. One of the things that made him unique was the mystery surrounding his persona as well as how he constantly reinvented himself. Another thing was his eyes, which appeared to be different colors but were actually the same. The explanation for this was that his left eye was permanently dilated due to a childhood injury sustained during a fight at school.

2. Jack Nicholson Thought His Grandparents Were His Parents!

Jack Nicholson's family had a truly dark secret they kept from him

Jack Nicholson’s mother gave birth to him when she was only 17 years old and was unsure of who his father was, causing great confusion. As a result, Nicholson’s grandparents decided to raise him as their own son and his mother became his sister. The truth about Jack Nicholson’s lineage was only revealed in 1976 after Time magazine uncovered some carefully researched information.

3. Christopher Walken Was Once a Lion Trainer

What Fans Don't Know About Christopher Walken

As a teenager, film star Christopher Walken began his entertainment career working at the circus and training lions. He idolized Elvis Presley and even styled his hair like the king of rock and roll. He has kept this hairstyle ever since.

4. Daryl Hannah has Asperger’s syndrome

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with autism

In 2013, actress and environmental activist Daryl Hannah revealed that she has developmental disorder syndrome, which causes her many difficulties and inconveniences in social situations. When talking to someone, she feels stuck, repeatedly going back to an issue. When she was younger, doctors advised her to live dependent on others because her condition was severe.

5. Lady Gaga wrote “Born This Way” in just 10 minutes

“Born This Way” is Lady Gaga’s hit song, which was written and recorded while on her second world tour. The song is dubbed the “anthem of the third world.” It truly is a miraculous message. The song idea came from one of her record producers, named White Shadow, and Lady Gaga wrote the song in just 10 minutes.

6. Danica McKellar is a mathematician

Actress Danica McKellar, known for her role in “Wonder Years,” is also a mathematician. She has written several books to encourage middle school students to have confidence in learning math. She is also a co-author with mathematics professor Lincoln Chayes on a scientific paper that resulted in a theorem named after her, called the “Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem.”

7. Buzz Aldrin collaborates on a rap song for charity

Buzz Aldrin gets down with Snoop Dogg • The Register

In 1971, after leaving NASA, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, dedicated himself to promoting space exploration. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, he collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, Talib Kweli, and Soulja Boy to create a rap song and video to raise money for his ShareSpace charity.

8. Samuel L. Jackson once held Martin Luther King’s father hostage

A Young Samuel L. Jackson Once Held the Father of Martin Luther King Jr. Hostage! | EURweb

Samuel L. Jackson was an active supporter of the Civil Rights Movement in the US in the 1960s. In 1969, he and other students took members of the Moorehouse College Board of Trustees hostage in order to demand changes to college policies. One of the hostages was Martin Luther King Sr., the father of the civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968.

9. Abraham Lincoln delivered an impressive speech, but the reporters did not take notes.

Gettysburg Address

On May 29th, 1856, in Bloomington, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that was believed to have been forgotten because all the reporters were distracted by the words of the future president. This demonstrates Lincoln’s true talent.

Another theory suggests that the text was intentionally forgotten due to strong condemnation of the slavery regime. However, Lincoln’s lost speech had a great impact on people and a memorial plaque commemorating the event was later built.

10. The composer Arnold Schoenberg had a strong fear of the number 13, which he referred to as “12A”. He passed away on the 13th of July, 13 minutes before midnight.

Learn about Arnold Schoenberg - Issuu

Arnold Schoenberg, the leader of the Second Viennese School (pictured with his wife Gertrud and daughter Nuria), suffered from triskaidekaphobia, a rare fear of the number 13. Schoenberg was born on September 13 and always considered this number to be an unlucky omen.

Arnold also has an opera called Moses and Aaron. He named it Moses and Aron so that the number of letters is not equal to 13..

Arnold passed away on July 13, 1951 after spending the entire day lying in bed and waiting for death to come. Despite his wife’s encouragement, he was unable to make an effort. He died at 11:37 PM, just 13 minutes shy of midnight.

11. Winston Churchill had a fondness for animals, and one of his pets was a lion.

University of Alaska-Anchorage: Winston Churchill and the Animal Kingdom - Jack Miller Center

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has a strong love for animals (as shown in the photo, he is petting Field Marshal Montgomery’s pet). He has many pets including a bulldog named Dodo, Rufus the poodle, and cats named Nelson and Jock. He also has pigs, butterflies, fish, cows, swans, and many others.

One of the Prime Minister’s most special pets was a lion named Rota. The lion was sent to London where he later became a father to four lion cubs and Churchill often visited him.

12. After her divorce, Princess Diana chose not to wear Chanel clothing due to personal reasons.

Why Princess Diana Didn't Wear Chanel After Her Divorce - Sad Reason Why Diana Stopped Wearing Chanel

The designer Jayson Brunsdon stated that after her divorce, Lady Diana refused to wear Chanel shoes because the Chanel logo reminded her of her unfaithful ex-husband and her rival, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The initials of Chanel’s logo, CC (representing Coco Chanel), resemble the initial letters of Camilla’s name.

13. Woody Harrelson’s is a murderer.

Charles Harrelson - Wikipedia

Famous people often have famous parents. Woody Harrelson’s biological father, Charles Voyde Harrelson, was also famous but for negative reasons. He was convicted of murdering federal judge John Wood and sentenced to two life imprisonments.

Woody frequently visits his father in federal prison and even attempted to appeal the court’s decision, but without success.

An interesting fact is that Charles Harrelson claimed to have been involved in the assassination of Kennedy but later retracted his statement. Conspiracy theorists believe that Charles Harrelson was one of the mysterious men arrested after the killing, but this is just speculation.

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